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Basic knowledge, skills, skills needed for the study subjects (interdisciplinary integration)

Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine

Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine

"Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy"



at the meeting of the department

propedeutics of Prosthodontics

Head of the department

Associate Professor, Korol D.M. _________

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FOR STUDENTSí independent WORK

during the preparation to practical classes


Academic discipline Propedeutics of Orthopaedic stomatology
Module 1 Propedeutics of Orthopaedic stomatology
Intensional module 3 Basic technologies of dentures fabrication
Theme of the lesson   Technology of all plastic removable partial denture: fixation and stabilization. Clasps.
Academic year II
Faculty Stomatology


Poltava 2011



1. Actuality of the theme:

In prosthetics important is the question of prosthesis design and its fixation. Effective consolidation is one of the conditions that provide good functional quality of the prosthesis, rapid adaptation of the patient to it, preservation of the abutment teeth, that is why the student must possess the choice of kinds and means of fixation and stabilization of partial removable dentures.

The functional value of prostheses depends on its fixation to a large degree. The most secure fit of partial removable dentures provide clasps. Now orthopedists have in their arsenal different structural stuff that makes it possible to fix the prosthesis by difficult conditions, using the natural teeth. But that's not enough to solve the problem of strengthening of partial dentures. The main challenge is to apply a system of fixation of the prosthesis, which would provide reliable and, at the same time, minimal damage to the teeth and supporting mucosal of the prosthetic bed. From this perspective the fixation of partial dentures is a difficult biomechanical problem.

2. Specific objectives:

- Analyze the clinical condition of the patient's mouth in an objective

study, to which the dentures are prescribed.

- Propose methods to understand the choice of fixation on the maxilla and mandible by various clinical conditions during the manufacture of partial removable dentures.

- Classify the types of fixation (by Boyanov by various clinical conditions during the manufacture of partial removable dentures.

- Interpret the term "fixation" and "stabilization" of the removable denture.

- Justify the choice of method of partial removable laminar denture fixation based on certain clinical situations.

- Justify the drawing of chamber lines and limits of removable partial laminar denture based on certain clinical situations.


Basic knowledge, skills, skills needed for the study subjects (interdisciplinary integration)

Names of previous disciplines Acquired skills
1. The basic dentures manufacturing technologies Possess knowledge about the manufacture of removable denture construction, clinical and laboratory stages of their manufacturing.
2. Dental technician material science Justify the use of materials in the manufacture of removable denture designs.
3.Anatomy Acquire knowledge about the anatomical and topographic features of the build of the upper jaw and the lower jaw and determining of the central occlusion by different clinical conditions during the planning of of partial removable prosthesis.

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