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General Andlers response.

On January 15, 2011 General Paige Andler responded to the invocation of martial law with a letter containing criticism of presidents actions which undermine the democratic principles of the nation and refused to take up arms against fellow aprophans.

General Andlers as an “interim president”.

On January 16, 2001 President Green ordered an arrest of Pagie Andler. However the attempt of the arrest was unsuccessful.


On that day Mig Green fled the country, abandoning his duties and leaving the country without formal leader or representative. Under these drastic circumstances general Pagie Andler was bound to take position of an “interim president” to ensure the safety of Aprophe.

Recognising that the major cause for public unrest were the recent tax and economical incentives and open boarder all these institutions were suspended.

Using the constitutionally granted emergency powers, to ensure stability and maintain public order, interim president Andler dissolved Aprophan parliament assuring the publicity of new parliamentary elections will be held shortly.

Getting Aprophe under control.

The government led by interim president Andler successfully established order on Aprophe territory. However approximately 800 members of the army’s National Homeland Brigade chose to resisted the new governmental forces and set their base in two villages on the north of Aprophe. They were followed by a group of civilians.

Units of Aprophan army were sent to negotiate with the rebels and persuade them lay down arms however they encountered armed resistance.


Resolution. On February 15 2011 Rantanian officials without previous notion using the … in aprophe seized the equivalent of US $ 10, 000, 000 in Aprophan non-diplomatic property.


ENI” bombings of Aprophe.

Early in the morning on February 18, 2011 military installations of Aprophe were attacked by joint “ENI” airforce. The attacks carried on for several days leading to destruction of the majority of Aprophan installations and multiple deaths of Aprophan soldiers. The Republic of Aprophe was rendered virtually defenceless against any threat.


Andler ultimatum.

On February 27, 2011 interim president Andler and her government moved from the defenceless capital Marcelux to the Mai-Tacao site seeking protection from the airstrikes among the walls of the ancient temple. The next day Major-General Brewscha, commander of ENI operation against Aprophe, ordered a mobilization of ENI ground forces on the Aprophe-Rantanian border. Left with no other means to protect her country facing the ENI invasion interim president Andler made an announcement in which she condemned the attacks on Aprophe and stated that the continuation of aggression against Aprophe will lead to destruction of buildings of the Mai-Tacao complex. Nevertheless the aerial bombardement of military installations in near Marcelux continued and on March 3, 2011 Andler ordered a controlled detonation of explosives in one of the buildings of Mai-Tacao complex.

Submission before the International Court of Justice (“I.C.J.”)

On May 12. 2011 Aprophe filed an application with the Registry of the International Court of Justice, instituting proceedings against Rantania. However questioning the jurisdiction of the Court over the matter Rantatia agreed to engage Aprophe before the International Court of Justice. Bothparties submitted to the ICJ’s ad hoc jurisdiction to adjudicate this conflict – Aprophe as Applicant, and Rantania as Respondent.


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