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Fill in either the present continuous or the simple present.

Present Simple – Present Continuous text.

It is a Friday evening. Tim and Oliver ______ (play) football against Mike and John. They ______

(often/play) football against Mike and John. On nice Sunday mornings the Millers _______

(have) breakfast in the garden. But today it _______ (rain). So they ________ (have) breakfast in the kitchen. It is three o´clock. Mr Hill ________ (take) Sebastian´s food into the garden. He ________ (always/take) Sebastian´s food into the garden. It is Monday morning. A coach full of children ________(drive) to the youth hostel in Bexhill. The pupils at Sarah´s school _______ (go) on a trip every spring. Sandra _________ (often/listen) to Jessica Simpson´s songs in the afternoon. But today she and her friend Patricia _______ (listen) to the Backstreet Boys.

2. Present Simple – Present Continuous test.

1. They … for us near the door.

a) Are waiting

b) Waits

c) Is waiting

d) Am waiting

2. Harry … television every day.

a) Is watching

b) Watch

c) Watches

d) Are watching

3. What … in the room now?

a) They are doing

b) Are they doing

c) Do they do

d) They do

4. Ann … French at all.

a) Isn’t speaking

b) Not speaks

c) Doesn’t speaking

d) Doesn’t speak

5. Mr. Scott … German to Ann at the moment.

a) Speaks

b) Is speaking

c) Are speaking

d) speaking


Past Simple – Past Continuous test.

6. I am busy now. I … to the radio.

a) Am listening

b) Listen

c) Am listen

d) Listening

7. They … to the seaside every summer.

a) Are going

b) Goes

c) Go

d) Is going

8. No, I … the newspaper at the moment.

a) Am not reading

b) Don’t read

c) Don’t reading

d) Amnt reading

9. No, she … in this house.

a) Isn’t live

b) Don’t live

c) Doesn't live

d) Lives not

10. Where … he is from?

a) Are you thinking

b) Do you think

c) Are you think

d) You don’t think


1. When I arrived, Tom (lie) on the sofa and (speak) over the phone.

a) lied, spoke

b) was liing, speaking

c) was liing, was speaking

d) was lying, was speaking

2. The police caught Dan when he (rob) a shop.

a) has robbed

b) was robing

c) was robbing

d) robed

3. He couldn’t speak because he (die) of laughtår.

a) had died

b) were dying

c) was dying

d) was diing

4. - What you (do) between one and two? I phoned you several times. - I (play) the piano and heard nothing.

a) will you do, ’ll play

b) are you doing, am playing

c) were you doing, was playing

d) was you doing, was playing

5. When I got up that morning, the sun (shine) brightly and the birds (sing).

a) shone, sang

b) was shining, were singing

c) were shining, was singing

6. When you rang me yesterday, I (have) a bath.

a) were having

b) had

c) had had

d) was having

7. Somebody stole the money from Dad’s pocket while he (sleep).

a) slept

b) was sleeping

c) were sleeping

8. I (sit) by the window when I heard the noise.

a) was sitting

b) sat

c) sitted

9. It (rain) cats and dogs as I (walk) towards their house.

a) rained, was walking

b) rained, walked

c) were raining, was walking

d) was raining, was walking

10. Just as Tom (cross) the street, a car came round the corner.

a) crossed

b) were crossing

c) was crossing

11. I glanced at Mary who (still/ shiver) from the cold.

a) still was shivering

b) were still shivering

c) still shivered

d) was still shivering

12. At six o’clock I (wait) for Jennie at the station.

a) am waiting

b) will wait

c) wait

13. On coming up to the house I saw a man who (try) to unlock the door by force.

a) tried

b) was trying

14. The student (reply) to the question when the headmistress came in.

a) had replied

b) was replying

c) was repliing

15. I saw a light in your window as I (pass) by.

a) was passing

b) had passed

c) passed

16. Liz’s elder brother said that he (go) to enter Leeds University.

a) will go

b) would go

c) was going

17.While my son (wait) for my call, somebody knocked at the door.

a) had waited

b) was waiting

c) waited

18. We (just/talk) about him when he suddenly (come) in.

a) were just talking, was coming

b) just were talking, came

c) were just talking, came



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