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Words to practice clear L


Words to practise dark L

Sentences to practise clear L

The letter is likely to be lost.

He had long legs and leapt easily along the lane.

Millions of black and blue flies.

A little less, please.

The flames leapt into the loft.

It's foolish to leave a wallet lying around.

A lazy lion lurched along.

The lithe athlete leapt clear.

The pilot landed the plane smoothly.

The blood flowed slowly.


Sentences to practise dark L


Fill the pail full of coal.

He failed to sell the needles.

The ball of wool rolled away.

Filthy gold silk.

The wealthy fool stole the gold.

The milk yield fell all year.

Moles are making tunnels in the fields.

Harold fell and yelled for help.

The pool was full of tall reeds.

Hold the molten gold until it's almost cold.


Words to practise L as a syllable

settle kettle scuttle battle wattle fettle hurtle petal metal cattle middle addle ladle cradle nodal meddle saddle paddle handle


The TH Sound


There are two sounds represented by the letters TH in English. They have exactly the same formation except that one is spoken without voice, as in 'thick', and the other is said with voice, as in 'those'. They are known technically as dental fricatives.

Formation of the TH sound


To form this sound

The soft palate is raised to prevent the passage of air through the nose. The tip of the tongue is held lightly against the upper front teeth, while the sides of the tongue hold the upper side teeth. Air is forced between the tongue tip and the teeth with audible friction. During the formation of TH, as in 'those', the voice is sounded. During the formation of TH, as 'thick', the voice is not sounded.




Substitution of F and V

In certain varieties of English, notably Cockney, F and V are directly substituted for TH.


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