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B) What do men usually do? And women?


What is a "traditional" family nowadays? With more and more couples choosing not to get married, and with the number of divorces and second marriages increasing, the idea of the "traditional family" of two married parents and an average of two children is rapidly disappearing in some countries. Here are some statistics from the English-speaking world.

Families in the USA in the UK in Russia
Marriages that end in divorce 50% 33%  
Families with only one parent 25% 25%  
Children who live in a single-parent home at some time 50% 33%  
Children whose parents aren't married 33% 40%  
Single parents who are men 10% 10%  


_ 1. How do you think that the same statistics would be different in Russia? Complete the table and discuss the statistics about families in the three countries:

There are     more fewer single-parent families unhappy marriages children living in single-parent homes single fathers… in the USA in the UK in Russia than in the USA in the UK in Russia
as many   as
The USA The UK Russia has the lowest the highest number of percentage of of all
the same as …

[ 2. Tell the group about a family you know. Make use of some key words in your answer. Begin with: Well, …

my immediate family is relatively small: just big: my his her parents, mother, father, my his her brother(s) sister(s) uncle(s) aunt(s) grandparents and me. and he. and she.
the family of my friend

& 3. Read the text below and answer the questions:

A) Would you like to have a small or a big family? Why?

b) At what age, in your opinion, should you start thinking about marriage?


The family in Britain is changing. In the past, people got married and stayed married. Divorce was very difficult, expensive and took a long time. Today, people's views on marriage are changing. Many couples, mostly in their twenties or thirties, live together without getting married. Only about 60% of these couples will eventually get married.

By the year 2020, it is estimated that there will be more single people than married people. Fifty years ago this would have been socially unacceptable in Britain.

People are generally getting married at a later age now and many women do not want to have children immediately. They prefer to concentrate on their jobs and put off having a baby until late thirties.

The number of single-parent families is increasing. This is mainly due to more marriages ending in divorce, but some women are also choosing to have children as lone parents without being married.

On average 2.4 people live as a family in one home in Britain. A lot or young people leave home between the ages of 18 and 25 when they go to university, get a job or get married. They often share a flat or house with some friends.

Old people don't normally live in the same house as their children and grandchildren. They usually live in their own house or flat, or in an old people's home.



& 4. Read the text about household chores in Britain and think about the following questions:

A) What are the different roles men and women play in housework in your family?

b) What do men usually do? And women?

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