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Practise the dialogues.


- Excuse me, can you show me the way to the nearest post office? I'm a stranger here, and I don't know how to get there.

- Certainly. Go straight ahead, then take the first turning to the right and you'll see the post office. You can't miss it.

- Thank you very much.


- Yes.

- Could I have a small registeres envelope, please?

- Will this size do?

- No, I'm afraid that's a bit too small?

- What about this one?

- That'll do very well, thank you. And I want to post a letter.

- Is it an ordinary one? Put it in the box over there.

- Thank you.



- I've just had a letter from my sister.

- I'm pleased to hear it. I remember you were worried because you hadn't heard from her for a long time.

- Yes, but there was nothing to worry about. She's just been too busy to write.



- I want to send a registered letter to New York. How much is it?

- $ 10. Shall I give you a ten-dollar stamp?

- Yes, please. I want it to go by air-mail.

- That'll be $ 5 extra, please. What else can I do for you?

- I'd like to make out a money order and also send off a telegram. Where can I get a form?

- Here's a money order form, and you will find telegram forms and and can fill them in at the desk over there.

- (handing in the filled in forms ) I want to senf a little present to a friend of mine. Where do they take parcels?

- In the next room, please. Here are your receipt.

- Thank you. Good morning.

- Good morning.


Translate the word-combinations and sentences analysing the meaning of the word "address"

1. business address

2. forwarding address

3. home address

4. permanent address

5. residential address

6. return address

7. temporary address

8. Please write down your name and address on a postcard.

9. At what address does she live.

10. an adress about / concerning smth

11. to deliver / give an address

12. He had scheduled an address to the American people for the evening of May 27.

13. addresses

14. to pay one's addresses to a lady

15. He persecuted her with his addresses.

16. With charms and beauty she combined the address of an accomplished intriguer.

17. When she spoke, she addressed him in English, but with a heavy French accent.

18. to address a meeting

19. She addressed her remarks to us.

20. He addressed himself to the audience gathered around.

21. How shall I address this parcel.

22. Poorly addressed letter makes trans-Atlantic trip.

23. to address smb by his / her name

24. He is usually addressed as the Captain.

25. We must finally address these issues.

26. This specific question is addressed in the present experiment.

27. Guidance on the issues which should be addressed.

28. The World Bank must address the needs of the poorest countries.

29. I addressed myself to learning English.

30. When they addressed the ball their hands should be well out in front of their body.


1. Translate the following:

- wall set telephone

- desk set

- hand-phone

- cell phone

- stationary telephone

- house phone / interphone

- to have a telephone installed in one's house

- call box

- telephone booth

- to speak to smb on / over the telephone

- to phone smb/ to ring up / to call up / to make a call

- emergency call

- to ring back / to call back / to ring up again

- to ring up from a call box

- to put a coin in the slot

- to press / to push the button

- to dial a number / to ring the number

- to lift thephone / to take up the receiver / to take up the tube / to pick up the receiver / to take the phone

- to hang up the receiver

- to put the phone back

- to put down the telephone

- "Hold the line"

- to use one's telephone

- to get smb on the phone

- the number is engaged

- the line is busy

- the line is clear

- Something is wrong on / with the line

- telephone subscriber

- to look up the number in the directory

- to ring off

- to be cut off / to be disconnected / to be interrupted

- to be connected with the number

- a wrong number

- the trunk-call office

- trunk call / long-distance call

- to put a trunk call to ...

- to book a trunk call to...

- trunk operator

- automatic (trunk) telephony


2. Practise the following:

Where is the nearest call-box?

I have to ring up to my friend.

Has he a telephone at home?

May I speak to Jane, please?

Who's calling, please?

This is Kate calling.

Hold on (wait) a moment, please.

Sorry, he is not at the moment.

Is there any message? - No, thank you. I'll call back later.

Wrong number.

Tell Jane, please, Kate was calling.

Ask Jane to call me back, please.

Put down (take, write down) my phone number, please.

Can you hold on?

There is no reply at this number.

The telephone is out of order.

I can't get him on phone.

Can I dial direct to Spain?

Thanks for calling.


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