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Time: 10 minutes

Task 1

Listen to Joel telling his elder sister about his friends. Where would they like to
work one day? For questions, 1-5, write a letter A-H next to each person. You will
hear the conversation twice.

Task 2

Listen to Greg telling Anna about a drawing and writing competition. For each
question, 6 10, choose the right answer (A, B or C). You will hear the
conversation twice.

0 You have to draw
A. a monster
B. the Moon
C. a person


6. You have to choose the monsters
A. age
B. name
C. size
7. You have to write no more than
A. 50 words
B. 100 words
C. 150 words
8. To enter, you must be older than
A. 12
B. 13
C. 14

9. The person who will choose the winner is
A. a writer
B. a photographer
C. an artist
10. The first prize is
A. a school bag
B. some money
C. cinema tickets

Script ( )

Task 1

Girl: Did you have a good day at school, Joel?

Boy: Yes. We talked about different jobs. Alice would like to read the news on TV!

Girl: Thats an amazing job! What about Milton?

Boy: Well, he loves watching cooking programmes. Hed like to be the best cook in

the country!

Girl: And work in a hotel?

Boy: No, in his own restaurant, he said.

Girl: Wow! And Saskia? She is good at sport, isnt she?

Boy: Yes, but shed like to look after a park and work outside with nature.

Girl: Thats interesting. What about you?

Boy: I dont know. Ellis would like to work with animals. Id quite like to do that.

Girl: At the Zoo?

Boy: Thats right. And Lydia says she wants to teach.

Girl: Young children or older children?

Boy: Younger ones.

Girl: Thats a difficult job, I think.

Boy: Mmm. Alis brilliant at sport too, but hed like to be a policeman. Id love to

drive those fast cars!

Girl: Yes, but I think you have to be very brave to do dangerous work like that.

Boy: Perhaps.

Task 2

Listen to Greg telling Anna about a drawing and writing competition. For each

question, choose the right answer (A, B or C). You will hear the conversation twice.

Boy: Theres a brilliant drawing and writing competition in this magazine, Anna.

Girl: What do you have to draw, Greg?

Boy: A monster something strange that lives on the moon or something.

Girl: Do you have to write about the monster too?

Boy: Yes. The monsters age isnt important, but you have to choose a name for it.

Girl: And should it be big?

Boy: I dont have to write how big it is

Girl: OK.

Boy: But you do have to say what special things it can do.

Girl: OK. How many words can you write?

Boy: You have to write more than 50 but less than 150.

Girl : Arent you too old to draw monsters, Greg? You are fourteen!

Boy: I know! But the competitions for 13- to 15-year-olds.

Girl: OK. Wholl choose the winner? A cartoon artist?

Boy: No, a writer and therell be a photograph of the winner in the magazine.

Girl: Wow! Whats the first prize? Not cinema tickets again.

Boy: Its much better than that 50 pounds to spend in Super Store.

Girl: Oh, thats useful. I need pencils, pens and a new school bag. Perhaps Ill enter the competition too!



Time: 20 minutes

Task 1

Make one text putting the paragraphs A E into the correct order from 11 15 in
your answer sheet.

Robbies first business

A.One day, grandmother told him her secret way of making jam. Robbie made too much for the family to eat so he took it to other people in his street. He made moreand more jam. It tasted so good that his parents friends started buying it from him. Robbie added all his costs together then decided on a price.


B.Robbie enjoyed art most at school. He liked Maths and Music too, but because it was hard for Robbie to spell words correctly or to understand texts, he didnt enjoy
being at school. In English, he had lots of problems.


C.Then he made a business plan on the computer with help from his dad. Now people can buy his jam at a weekly market. It tastes wonderful and its healthy because Robbie uses grape juice, not sugar, to make it.

D.Im still only 14 but Im already a businessman! Robbie laughs. Last week I earned 93 euro because 87 different people bought 58 kilos of my jam, and a
supermarket wants to sell it too. My career is in jam-making, I think!


E.So, when Robbie was 12, his parents decided he should leave school and study at home. There, he learnt about business and working on computers, and spent more
time happily studying art, exercising and practicing on his violin. Robbies
grandmother started teaching him to cook too. Like his mother and aunt he really
enjoyed doing it.

Task 2

Now read the text again. For items 16 20 match the ending of each sentence (A -

F) to its beginning. There is one extra ending you do not need to use.

16. After he left school, Robbie had more time to play

17. After he was 12 Robbie studied

18. People can buy Robbies jam

19. Robbie had problems in his English lessons because

20. Robbies grandmother told him

A. the secret way to make jam.

B. at the market.

C. an instrument.

D. he couldnt spell very well.

E. different sports.

F. in his own home.

Task 3

For questions 21 27 read the text My trip to Canada by Tessa Watts and decide whether the information in the sentences is right (A) or wrong (B). Write the correct letter (A or B) in your answer sheet.


I had a great time on my adventure trip to Canada. I went with two teachers and all my classmates. I missed my family at first but by the end of the holiday, I didnt want to go home!

On my favourite day, we went on a long walk in the mountains. We had to carry all our things in bags on our backs, which was hard work, but we never got bored because we all chatted the whole time. We had a rock climbing lesson just before our picnic lunch and later that afternoon we arrived at a lake where we camped for the night. Three of my classmates tried to fish, without success! I helped build the fire. The teachers and two of the older students made supper, then we sat in our blankets around the fire and sang songs and made wishes in the dark.

We decided not to sleep inside the tents, but outdoors because we wanted to look at the stars. Some of the boys made bear noises trying to make us afraid, but we were still laughing at midnight because we were having so much fun. Ill never forget that day.


0 Tessa travelled to Canada on her trip

A. Right

B. Wrong

21. Tessa felt happy on the first day because she was with her family.

A. Right

B. Wrong

22. Tessa talked a lot with other people on the walk.

A. Right

B. Wrong

23. After the picnic lunch, the group had a lesson in rock climbing.

A. Right

B. Wrong

24. The students caught three fish in the lake.

A. Right

B. Wrong

25. The older students helped the teachers make supper.

A. Right

B. Wrong

26. The students didnt sing songs because they left the guitar at home.

A. Right

B. Wrong

27.The group slept outside so they could look up at the sky.

A. Right

B. Wrong




Time: 15 minutes

Task 1

For questions 28 37 read the text below and decide which word (A or B) fits the space best. There is an example (0) done for you.

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