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It is considered by Federalists as the embryo of the European gvt.

The Court of Justice, based in Luxemburg, comprises 13 judges assisted by 6 advocates-general, appointed for a six-year term by common agreement between MS. It is independent. The main functions of the Court of Justice:

To check the laws, enacted by the EUís institutions and their compatibility with the Treaties;

To give its opinion on the correct interpretation or the validity of the EUís provisions when requested by a national Court;

To help in creating a body of the European law, in shaping the EU.

A Court of 1st Instance (1987) was set up to deal with administrative disputes within institutions, and businesses over the EUís competition rights.

The COURT of Auditors (July, 22, 1975) has 9 members to be increased to 12 under the Maastricht Treaty, appointed by the Council for a 6-year term. Its role is:

To check that revenue is received;

That expenditure is incurred in a lawful and regular manner;

That the EUís financial affairs are properly managed;

The Economic and Social Committee (189 members) represents various sectors of economic and social life. It is a consultative organ, free to submit opinions on its own initiative.

A Consultative Committee (96 members) represents producers, workers, consumers and dealers in the coal and steel industries. It is also consultative, submits the opinions on its own initiative.

These committees reflect the interests of various groups in the development of the EU.

The European Commission

(Economic and Social Committee, Consultative Committee) Ė Executive function


European Council Parliament(legislative function)

Court of Justice (Court of Auditors)

(Juridical function)

Questions and tasks

1. What is the main decision-making institution in the EU?

A) The European Council

B) The E. Parliament

C) E. Commission

2. In what city is the General-Secretariat based?

A) London

B) Brussels

C) Strasburg

3. How often are the elections to the EP held?

A) every 10 years

B) every year

C) every 5 years

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