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Ex. VII. Replace the word or word combination underlined with a word in italics.

Accommodation, camp-site, train guard, double, vacancy, hitch-hike, porter, book.

1. We were short of money so we decided to get lifts in other peopleís cars.

2. Iíd like to reserve three single rooms for next week, please.

3. It was raining, and we couldnít find a place to put our tent.

4. We gave a tip to the person who carried our bags in the hotel.

5. Iíd like a room for the night, please. Do you have a free one?

6. Itís difficult to find anywhere to stay in Petersburg in summer.

7. Do you have a room for two people?

8. The person who answers passengersí questions and gives advice on arrival times, connections and routes has just come into his accommodation.


Ex. VIII. Ask question to which the following sentences can be answers.

1. It is by plane that I like to travel best of all.

2. Because it saves one a lot of time.

3. No, I've never travelled by sea.

4. The matter is that I am a bad sailor.

5. Travelling by train takes a lot of time and I can't afford it.

6. I shouldn't say that it's much more expensive to travel by plane.

7. Travelling by car is very pleasant only if the roads are quite satisfactory.

8. That would be a pleasure, thank you.

9. Iíd never hitch-hiked until that day.

10. Having no money for the voyage, he succeeded in the end in stowing away on a passenger ship heading for England.

Ex.IX. Do the following tasks.

a). Put the words in the column you think is correct before reading the stories.

Los Angeles Yosemite Park Scone Palace greyhound bus Boston California golf wet air-conditioning drive-ins foggy whisky distillery motels New York Grand Canyon salmon Death Valley convertible car Glencoe waterproof trousers hamburgers mosquito repellant


b). Read the paragraphs below and mark in the box if they are Story A (Cliveís holiday to the USA) or Story B (Nickís holiday to Scotland).


1. He returned the hired car to Las Vegas and took a

plane back to New York where he caught his

connecting flight back to London. A friend picked him Story

up in London and gave him a lift back to Manchester

and that was the end of the holiday.


2. Last summer Clive went on holiday to the USA for

three weeks. He started off from Manchester where a

friend gave him a lift to the motorway junction. From Story

there he hitched down to London and took the tube

and then a taxi to Gatwick Airport.


3. There were roadworks on the M1 motorway so it took

longer than usual but at about 11.30 p.m. he arrived Story

at the hotel in Glencoe.


4. In the last few days he went fishing in the River Tay,

one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Scotland.

On the last day he visited Scone Palace, then Story

he got back in the car and drove south, and that was

the end of his holiday.


5. He visited Dalwhinnie Distillery where they produce

malt whisky. He saw how they made the whisky and

at the end of the tour he was invited to taste the whisky. Story

It tasted very good. The weather was still foggy and

wet when he came out.


6. It was his first time to the USA and he decided the

best way to see it would be to travel to California by

train, which he did. The train took 72 hours to get Story

there. Unfortunately the journey wasnít as interesting

as he hoped, but he definitely saw a lot of the USA.


7. He travelled across the Atlantic in a jumbo jet and

After 8 hours he arrived in New York. He had friends,

Peggy and Phil, in Boston so he took a greyhound bus Story

up there. He rang Phil from Boston bus station

which was very busy and dirty. Phil came and

collected him on his motorbike.


8. The weather in Boston was lovely and warm

and he spent the next few days walking around Story

Boston. After he had seen all the sights, he decided

to head west.


9. Last summer Nick went on holiday to Scotland for 3

weeks. He lives in Brighton but loves the mountains

and countryside. He packed his rucksack with Story

waterproof trousers and jackets and took some

mosquito repellent and one morning he got in his

car and drove north.


10. The weather cleared up the next day so he played

a round of golf in the morning at Dalmunzie, the

highest 9-hole course in Britain. The wind was very Story

strong so he did not play very well, but he thoroughly

enjoyed the game.

11. He went to the Grand Canyon and took a helicopter

ride over it. He also visited Yosemite Park and Death Story

Valley, and soon the 3 weeks were gone.


12. The first few days he climbed mountains near the

hotel. He was lucky with the weather and it didnít

rain at all. He met a lot of people and in the evenings Story

he ate and drank in the hotel before going to bed.


13. Then the weather turned bad; it was foggy and wet

so he decided to leave Glencoe and visit some other Story



14. He arrived in Los Angeles at 3 p.m. and hired a

convertible car. However, next day he changed it

for a car with air conditioning as the weather was too Story

hot. He travelled around and saw a lot. He ate

hamburgers which he bought from drive-ins and

stayed in motels.


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