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Exercise 6. In the following sentences insert articles where necessary and comment on their functions.

1. She had acquired __ ease, __ self-possession, and __ assurance. (W.S. Maugham)

2. He’s twenty and he has __ charm. (W.S. Maugham)

3. He was quite radiant and gave off __ peculiar brightness and charm. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

4. The gathering, which of course did not include residents at the Eglantine or the Beeches, was conventional enough at first sight, but over it brooded always __ heavy melancholy. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

5. Because American women expect to find in their husbands __ perfection that English women only hope to find in their butlers. (W.S. Maugham)

6. It was like an old forgotten nightmare, something remembered months afterwards with __ doubt and disbelief. (D. du Maurier)

7. He was filled with __ violent disgust that was not like __ anger. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

8. Her lovely face was twisted with __ grief she didn’t care to hide. (W.S. Maugham)

9. I had known Elliot Templeton for fifteen years… He had __ taste and __ knowledge. (W.S. Maugham)

10. Each day, inside Starling __ grim knowledge grew: The federal service would never be the same for her again. (Th. Harris)

11. I don’t know what it is – __ tension, __secret, __ aspiration, __ knowledge – that sets him apart. (W.S. Maugham)

12. __ tact was a quality unknown to her, __ discretion too, and because __ gossip was __ breath of life to her this stranger must be served to her dissection. (D. du Maurier)

13. “That’ll be wonderful. We’ll just sit about the villa and grease our faces and have __ good old gossip”. (W.S. Maugham)

14. Eventually, as it was bound to do, despite Lily’s efforts to shield him, __ local gossip reached the ears of Pa. (K. Saunders)

15. I have little story to tell and I end neither with __ death nor __marriage. __ death ends all things and so is the comprehensive conclusion of a story, but __ marriage finishes it very properly too and the sophisticated are ill-advised to sneer at what is by convention termed a happy ending. (W.S. Maugham)

16. __ punishment could range from a broken arm or leg to __ slow and painful death. (S. Sheldon)

17. As the result of thirty years’ experience I may tell you that __ marriage arranged with proper regard to __ position, __ fortune, and __ community of circumstances has every advantage over __ love match. (W.S. Maugham)

18. It takes two to make __ marriage just as it takes two to make __ quarrel.

19. It had never occurred to me that __ life I offered Isabel was __ life that filled her with dismay. (W.S. Maugham)

20. He felt that __ life had rejected him. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

21. In one day he had taken __ life and saved __ life. (S. Sheldon)

22. Get on with building a career and __ life that no one can take away from you. (H. Fielding)

23. Larry was strong enough to refuse to sacrifice for Isabel’s sake __ life that he thought was __ life for him, but it may be that to lose her was bitterer to endure than he had expected. (W.S. Maugham)

24. It was bleak and cold when I got there and __ thin rain was falling. (W.S. Maugham)

25. He wrote with __ sincerity and __ emotion. I should never have thought him capable of expressing himself with such __ dignity, __ real feeling, and __ simplicity, had I not long known that notwithstanding his snobbishness and his absurd affectations Elliot was a kindly, affectionate, and honest man. (W.S. Maugham)

26. I had __ curious inexplicable feeling that I must go back and look in my room again. (D. du Maurier)

27. He had __ feeling I have noticed in some Americans who have lived many years abroad that America is a difficult and even dangerous place in which __ European cannot safely be left to find his way about himself. (W.S. Maugham)

28. Lily stared at her, willing herself to beat off __ feeling that she was drowning in __ unreality. (K. Saunders)

29. It gave me __ feeling that I’d bitten into the modern world and discovered what it was really made of. (G. Orwell)

30. __ passion doesn’t count __ cost. Pascal said that __ heart has reasons that __ reason takes no account of. He meant that when __ passion seizes __ heart it invents reasons that seem not only plausible but conclusive to prove that the world is well lost for __ love. It convinces you that __ honour is well sacrificed and that __ shame is a cheap price to pay. __ passion is destructive. (W.S. Maugham)

31. He fell in love with himself at first sight and it is __ passion to which he has always remained faithful. (A. Powell)

32. “Well”, said Mrs. Danvers with __ sudden passion, “and what if she did?” (D. du Maurier)

33. I was like a little scrubby schoolboy with __ passion for a sixth-form perfect, and he kinder, and far more inaccessible. (D. du Maurier)

34. __ happiness is not __ possession to be prized; it is a quality of thought, a state of mind. (D. du Maurier)

35. It was __ quiet, still happiness. (D. du Maurier)

36. These were two obviously suspected something, he thought, but with __ inevitable, dim-witted Asian patience they were waiting to see what happened. (J.H. Chase)

37. __ hatred and __ anger are not luxuries we can afford anymore. (J. Fowles)

38. His eyes, grown suddenly pitiful, struck a deep, unsounded chord in Evylyn – and simultaneously __ furious anger surged in her. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

39. And that the rest of the servants, in __ blind ignorance, would follow her example and swear too? (D. du Maurier)

40. The thought of repeating it turned him cold with __ horror. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

41. She looked tense and there was __ terror in her eyes that frightened me. (J.H. Chase)

42. She started to run straight forward, and then turned like lightning and sped back the way she had come, enveloped in __ sudden icy terror. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

43. He had taken a step forward, his last doubt melting away at __ constricted terror in the woman’s face. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

44. I went after him. __ rage gave me added speed, but __ darkness of the moonless night hindered me. (J.H. Chase)

45. He felt __ sudden vicious rage take hold of him. (J.H. Chase)

46. Anna had expected her father to be overjoyed. Instead, he had flown into __ rage. (S. Sheldon)

47. What if your marriage isn’t founded on __ mutual love? (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

48. We can’t possible have __ summer love. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

49. He had __ power of arousing __ fascinated and uncritical love. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

50. If __ death was a cure for __ unrequited love, we’d all be murderers. (K. Saunders)

51. “But Pa uses it to illustrate his belief that our state, arising from love and harmony, was somehow exalted. That we are joined, like the angels, in __ love which knew no possessiveness on earth, and shall know none when we all meet in heaven.” (K. Saunders)

52. She had arrived at __ wonderful truth: if she were fat and ugly, no one would expect her to look like her mother. (S. Sheldon)

53. __ simple truth was that Elizabeth Roffe had no protective shield, no armour against __ terrible loneliness that engulfed her. (S. Sheldon)

54. When I am in Hollywood I am ashamed – not of my ancestry, but of the world I see around me: __ arrogance, __ ignorance, __ vanity, __ stupidity, __ greed, __ salivating worship of flesh and youth, __ flaunting of sexuality for __ fame and __ financial grain, __ lust for the new in the absence of respect for the old. (H. Fielding)

55. Being alone in __ body and __ spirit begets __ loneliness, and __ loneliness begets more loneliness. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

56. Very gradually, as the shadows lengthened around her, __ velvet stillness took possession of her. (K. Saunders)

57. He won everyone quickly with __ exquisite consideration and __ politeness that moved so fast and intuitively that it could be examined only in its effect. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

58. He would look up at her and be filled with __ deep, ineffable pride. (S. Sheldon)

59. This proved of no avail: the American Woman, aroused, stood over him; __ clean-sweeping irrational temper that had broken the moral back of a race and made a nursery out of a continent, was too much for him. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

60. There was __ energy about her that was almost overpowering. (S. Sheldon)

61. Swithin reddened, __ resemblance to a turkey-cock coming upon his old face. (J. Galsworthy)

62. I felt as though were suddenly released from my body and as pure spirit partook of __ loveliness I had never conceived. (W.S. Maugham)

63. Not for me __ languor and __ subtlety I had read about in books. __ challenge and __ chase. __ sword-play, __ swift glance, __ stimulating smile. __ art of __ provocation was unknown to me and I would sit with his map upon my lap, __ wind blowing my dull, lanky hair, happy in his silence, yet eager for his words. (D. du Maurier)

64. The day would lie before us both, long no doubt, and uneventful, but fraught with __ certain stillness, __ dear tranquility we had not known before.

(D. du Maurier)


Exercise 7. In the following sentences, the underlined nouns can be count or uncount depending on their meaning. Decide which meaning is being used in each sentence, and cross out the incorrect noun group.

1. To press clothes you need iron/ an iron.

2. The heart has reasons that reason/ a reason does not understand. (Jacques Bénigne Bossuet)

3. Language/ A language is unique to humans.

4. We are looking for people with experience/ an experience.

5. You should study law/ a law at university.

6. Then everybody called for him to make speech/ a speech.

7. Play/ A play is more natural for children than adults.

8. He kept his money in tin/ a tin under the bed.

9. Charity/ A charity begins at home.

10. He spent the entire afternoon in study/ a study.

11. Suleka has no objections to marrying someone of different religious faith/ a different religious faith.

12. She’s got good memory/ a good memory for faces.

13. Truth/ A truth is the first victim of war.

14. Such behaviour is unacceptable in a civilized society/ civilized society.

15. The spring was pretty well over and the trees were in full leaf/ a full leaf. (W.S. Maugham)

16. The pastoral quality down on the summer Riviera is all changing anyhow – next year they’ll have Season/ a Season. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)


Exercise 8. The following sentences demonstrate the use of nouns that can be countable and uncountable depending on their meaning. Define the meaning used in each sentence and insert articles where necessary.

1. a) __ experience is a comb that life gives after you lose your hair. (J. Stern)

b) Her failure to advance in the FBI after a brilliant start was __ new and awful experience for her. (Th. Harris)

c) She appeared to be in high spirits and no one could have guessed that she had so recently gone through __ harassing experience. (W.S. Maugham)

d) __ experience is the name men give to their mistakes. (O. Wilde)

2. a) It’s bad enough keeping __ discreet silence when the person you love is alive. (K. Saunders)

b) When Isabelle reappeared she had thrown a light wrap about her shoulders, and they descended the stairs in __ silence that endured through dinner. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

c) We drank our coffee in__ silence. (D. du Maurier)

d) As Philip’s fingers struck the last chord, there was __ awed silence. (S. Sheldon)

e) After __ silence, he said… (K. Saunders)

f) Simultaneously he perceived a man’s hat and stick on the hall table and for the first time in his life he heard __ silence – __ loud, singing silence, oppressive as heavy guns or thunder. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

g) __ silence that I had always taken for sympathy and regret was __ silence born shame and embarrassment. (D. du Maurier)

3. a) You have to admit, he was impassioned, for __ blue blood. (M. Gabot)

b) Members of noble families are said to have __ blue blood in their veins.

4. a) __ history repeats itself, and that’s one of the things that’s wrong with __ history. (C. Darrow)

b) Two years before he had commenced __ history of the United States which, though it only got as far as the Colonial Wars, had been pronounced by his mother completely enchanting. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

5. a) Dick had not intended to come to __ decision so quickly. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

b) He is a man of __ decision.

c) She made __ quick decision. (S. Sheldon)

6. a) There was __ classic cold beauty about her. (S. Sheldon)

b) Nicole was __ great beauty. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

c) Back at two o’clock in the Roi George corridor __ beauty of Nicole had been to __ beauty of Rosemary as __ beauty of Leonardo’s girl was to that of the girl of an illustrator. (F. Sc. Fitzgerald)

d) Elizabeth had no idea that she had grown into __ beauty. (S. Sheldon)


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