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B Describing service


English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced)

English Collocations in Use (Advanced)


Travel and adventure(English Collocations in Use (Advanced),UNIT 26)

A An exciting trip


to have a thirst for adventure

to get itchy feet

to contain oneís excitement

an arduous journey

to break the journey

have a stopover (in )

to do the sights

a low-cost airline

to put sb on standby

to go trekking

to take sb off the beaten track

an intrepid explorer

unexplored wilderness

a sense of adventure

to send out a search party



¬ Articles about travel adventures


to boost the spirits

to face severe weather conditions

to set off to walk to

to have a special charm


to keep oneís eyes peeled

your budget doesn't quite stretch to

to lull sb to sleep.

leg of the journey


TRAVEL AND ACCOMODATION (English Vocabulary in Use Advanced, Unit31)

A Booking travel and holidays

a scheduled flight

a charter flight

ŗpex fare

budget fares

to offer value for money


to pay a cancellation fee

a stopover

all-in packages

a transfer

the holiday of a lifetime

to book a berth in a shared cabin

a deluxe cabin

get away from it all

unlimited mileage

to pay extras

to go as you please



B Accommodation




bed-and-breakfast [B and B].

half board

full board




The performance arts: reviews and critiques

(English Vocabulary in Use Advanced, Unit 25)

A Useful adjectives for describing works and performances










B Success and failure

to be panned

to belauded

to bomb

up-and-coming actor'

to be miscast (as)

tp get a standing ovation



C Nouns relating to performing

interpretation of





Film and book reviews (English Collocations in Use Advanced , Unit 29)

A Quality newspapers


suspense builds up

a gripping film

a bold experiment

to cast sb as

an accomplished actor

a consummate professional

a star-studded cast

to give a dazzling display of talents

an extraordinary series of events

to be spectacularly successful (in the US)

glowing reviews


B Popular (tabloid) newspaper


to cast sb in the role of

release the CD

an unmitigated/ total disaster

strongly /heavily influenced by

highly/thoroughly recommend


C Entertainment magazine

to think highly of

based on a novel

to be a dismal failure

an all-star cast,

to hold sbís attention

to make a lasting / indelible impression on sb

to fire sbís imagination

to awaken sbís interest

to create /evoke an atmosphere




We are what we eat English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) Unit28

A the words used to label food products.



synthetic ingredients



'Fair Trade'





B Food metaphors

a recipe for disaster

to have all the ingredients of

to dilute sb a bit

to let sb stew for another few days

to grill the suspect

half-baked schemes

to spice up the party

unsavoury characters

things soon turned sour

juicy gossip


Dinner's on me: entertaining and eating out English Vocabulary in Use (Advanced )Unit 29

A Paying the bill

to split the bill

to join sb

to be sbís guest

let me get this

to be wined and dined



B Describing service

impeccable and quick service

a bit sluggish

the waiters are courteous without being overbearing

the waiters tend to be sullen

the service is rather brusque

to be/find sth off-putting

the waiters go out of their way



C Food preferences

to have a sweet tooth

can never say no to (cakes or biscuits)

to count the calories / to be calorie-conscious


to be a fussy eater

to be a teetotal

to have particular dietary requirements

to overdo it


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