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Task 19. Put the words below into the following categories.

Airport aisle beach
Capital hills breath-taking
Traffic peaks flight
Gorgeous jams fields
Picturesque sandy spectacular
Surf check-in waves

Words connected with cities __________________________________________

Words connected with the seaside _____________________________________

Words connected with air travel _______________________________________

Words connected with the countryside __________________________________

Adjectives to describe views _________________________________________

Task 20. Which form of transport - train, car, boat or plane - do you associate with each of the words and phrases below? Make up a story using as many words from the list as you can.

1 set sail 6 fast lane 11 quayside 16 charter flight
2 a cruise 7 to indicate 12 mid-air collision 17 to disembark
3 traffic jam 8 sundeck 13 departure lounge 18 express
4 compartment 9 commuter 14 buffet car 19 bypass
5 bonnet 10 take off 15 pull in 20 guard's van

Task 21. For questions 1-15, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. Use the articles a and the more than once.


The morning in Spain lasts (0) ___until___ two o'clock, when it is time for lunch. After that there's (1)___________siesta and the afternoon begins at about five o'clock. At eight o'clock people begin thinking about having (2)___________drink and so the evening begins. Dinner is served from nine o'clock and the evening may continue well into the night.

There's no town, large or small, without (3)___________main square and it is (4)___________great public festivities take place. (5)___________square is the heart of community life. In the past, the entrances to the square used to (6)___________blocked so that it could serve as a bullring, something which is still done (7)___________ villages where they do not have their own bullring.

In the cities, bars are popular meeting places where one goes for (8)___________aperitif at lunch-time, to drink a glass (9)___________wine with friends and to try the tapas, which may be anything (10)___________olives to seafood. After work comes the tertulia or informal club hour (11)___________men gather and, (12)___________a glass of wine, discuss (13)___________news, politics and football or tell jokes. The end of the afternoon is (14)___________people often have a cup of chocolate or, in summer, (15)___________refreshing, cold drink and churros: delicious, twisted fritters.

Task 22. For questions 1-10, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


The British are (o) considered to be among the worst tippers in the world but is that because they simply don't know the rules? Customs differ between countries, so it is not (1)__________________ that in Tokyo they do things (2)__________________from London. In British restaurants, for example, a tip is (3)__________________ included in the bill and this is the case in most (4)__________________ European countries. In some Mediterranean countries, such as Greece and Spain, the customer is expected to pay a little extra for (5)__________________service. As for bars and pubs, again customs vary. In Britain, one (6)__________________does not have to pay a tip in pubs, while in hotel bars it is (7)__________________common to leave your small change behind. This is the case in (8)__________________too, but in France you leave a tip only when drinks are brought to your table. In the (9)__________________of European countries, with the (10)__________________of Ireland where it applies only in top hotels, porters receive a tip for carrying your luggage to your room for you.   CONSIDER   SURPRISE DIFFERENT GENERAL NORTH   SATISFY CERTAIN FAIR GERMAN   MAJOR EXCEPT  


Task 23. Complete this text with their, some, a, the or q (when no article is needed). Sometimes there is more than one possibility.

Here are (1) ___ SOME___ tips to help you get on well with (2)___________French on your next visit to (3)___________beautiful country. When you first meet someone, do not start using (4)___________first name, except with (5)___________younger people. It is best to wait to be invited to use (6)___________first names.

The proper way to greet someone is 'Bonjour, Monsieur or Madame.' (7)___________French like conversation. When you are speaking to (8)___________French people, do not be surprised if they keep interrupting you and even raise (9)___________voices; it is quite normal. (10)___________French people shake hands much more than (11)___________Americans or most Europeans: if you fail to shake (12)___________hands, you may be considered rude. Close friends will kiss (13)___________cheeks (once, twice, even three times). However, it is more a light touching of cheeks than (14)___________true kiss. One of (15)___________most common mistakes non-native speakers of (16)___________French make is when expressing their age. In many languages one says 'I am X years old', whereas in French one says, 'I have X years.'

Task 24. Complete the text with the infinitive or –ing form of the verbs in the box.


read have sail drink visit stay relax sunbathe decide lie help


My friend and I had a problem about our holiday last year. I wanted (1)…..a lazy seaside holiday because I was tired and needed (2)….. I love (3)…..in the sun, (4) ….. ice-cold beer and (5) ……a good book. But Natalie likes busy, cultural holidays. She likes (6) ….. museums and galleries. She hates (7) …… because she always goes red, not brown. The travel agent tried (8)….. us and suggested Greece. I said I'd love(9)….. to a quiet island, but of course Natalie said she'd like (10) ….. in Athens. It was easy (11)…..what to do - we flew to Athens together, Natalie stayed there and I travelled to the island of Kos!here, the one with the ... Hey, pull up!Pull up! Oh dear, pull over.I wonder what the French is for 'I'm sorry, we appear to have dented your bumper'.

Task 25. Put the verb in brackets in the Past Simple.

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