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Travelling (general)

Travel, air/space/road/rail travel, travel season, journey, bus/train/car etc journey, trip, business/school/skiing trip, a day trip, flight, voyage, sail, discovery cruise, crossing, drive, ride, tour, guided tour, expedition, mountaineering, the underground, courtesy bus, travel agents/agencies, pedestrian, punctual, running late, sick, valid, frontier, destination, traveller, public transport, passenger, commuter, globetrotter, migrant, drifter, vagrant, offshore;

To travel (the world/abroad), to make travel arrangements, to travel by land/air/sea, to travel by boat/train/plane (=to travel in a boat, on a train/plane), to break ones journey, to travel first/second/business class, to make a journey, to have a good/safe journey, to take a trip, to go/to be on a trip, to be on route, to be on the move, to be on tour, to chart a route, to drift, to wander around, to go overseas, to commute, to be on the way to, to be bound for, to go/to do (several miles), to cover (some distance), to drive, to fly, to sail, to go overland, to schedule, to reschedule, to reserve a seat, to arrive dead on time

Road travelling:

Busy road, along/down/up/across/over the road/ freeway/expressway, highway, motorway, high street, side street, one-way street, bypass, path, trail, track, lane, junction, crossroads, vehicle, bus, lorry, coach, trailer, car, bus station, traffic congestion (jam), rush-hours, driver, motor-cyclist, chauffeur, conductor; a spare tyre.

To cross the road, to hitch-hike, to go on foot, to ride a motor/bike, to go by/drive a car, to take/catch a taxi (bus), to rent/hire a car, to miss a bus, to get on/off a bus (bicycle), to get in a car, to overtake, to swerve, to be punctual (early, late), to be full up, to wait in a queuq, to give smb a lift/ride, to pay the fare/, to grind to a halt, to change gear.

Travelling by train:

Trunk line, Golden Ring, railway, long distance train, local train, fast train/express, through train, commuter traffic, common carrier, light/heavy-rail system, street car (tramway, trolley, cable car), shuttle train, compartment, non-smoker, smoking compartment, luggage van, sleeping car, dining-car, buffet, reserved seat, corner seat, berth, single ticket, return ticket, season ticket, railway station, transit system, booking-office, waiting-room, bookstall, indicator board, left luggage office, freight carrier, porter, driver, guard, ticket collector, attendant, passenger;

To catch/take (miss) a train, to change trains, to get on/off a train, to alight, to be due/timetabled to arrive, to be crowded, to book tickets, to make a reservation, to travel light (with a trunk, suitcase, hand luggage), to carry/wheel the luggage to the train, to push a truck, to queue up, to register the luggage.

Travelling by air:

boarding (landing)card, check-in desk, schedule, ticket machine, terminal, arrivals/departures board, turbulence, smooth flight, forced (rough) landing, departure lounge, terminal building, luggage reclaim, trolley, airplane, pilot's cabin, helicopter, captain, steward, airhostess, flight attendant, airline representative, ground staff, customs, duty free, jet lag;

to book a plane, to process a visa, to board, to get on/off the plane, to go through passport control/security, to scan, to depart, to take/be off, to fasten a seat belt, to cruise, to fly at some speed (altitude/height), to have poor (bad/good) visibility, to hit an air-pocket, to land/arrive, to stop/come to a halt, to travel at half fare, to pay a reduced fare, to be overweight/underweight, to pay excess baggage, to pass through customs (green nothing to declare; red = goods to declare; blue = European Union citizens), to be on board a plane, to be airsick.

Travelling by sea:

vessels, hovercraft, steamer, liner, yacht, fishing/rowing boat, ferry, ship, life belt/buoy/boat, embarkation, crew, steward, maritime transport, waterways, terminal, navigable, seafaring skills, submarine, ferry, Channel Tunnel, naval; to board, to be on board a ship, to book a passage, to be not much of a sailor, to fall overboard, to sink/to drown, to come into a harbour, to call at a port, to float in the ocean, to be moored at, to disembark, to drop anchor, to be calm/smooth, to grow rough, to roll and pitch, to raise (to lower), to be caught in a storm.


motouring holiday, amusement park, landmark, museum, bespoke holiday, excursion, attractions, overseas visitors, landscape, hot spots, digs, luxury holiday, five-star hotel, package holiday, off season, flying visit, tour operators, holiday makers, scenery, tourist industry, 'local', nightlife, crowded/full of, cosmopolitan, touristy, accommodation, self-catering flat, guesthouse, youth hostel, holiday camp, time-share apartment, condominium, cuisine, lodgings, reservation, registration, check-in, check-out, room rates, room service, receptionist, camping, hospitable, pilgrim, godforsaken, easygoing, outing, hot spots;

to look round the shops, to get lost, to go out, to have a good/great time, to enjoy oneself, to do lazy things; cancel a holiday, to stay the night, to go to hotels, to rent an apartment or villa, to sleep in a ten/at a campsite.

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