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Choose the correct answer.

A 1 “Sharon looks different now, doesn’t she?”

“Yes. She ….. to have long dark hair, didn’t she?”

Ais used Bused Cwould

2 “I have never driven an automatic car before.”

“You will soon ….. to it.”

A get used Bbe used Cused

3 “How is Sarah?”

“She’s fine. She ….. to life in the countryside.”

A got used B used C is getting used

4 “Have you always worked as a nurse?”

“No. I ….. a childminder.”

Awas used to being B used to be C am used to being

5 “Do you remember when we were little?”

“Yes. Dad ….. always read us a bedtime story.”

A was used to Bwould C got used to

6 “Aren’t you tired?”

“No. I ….. to walking long distances.”

Aam used B got used C used

7 “Jane had trouble with her job at first.”

“Yes. She ….. to working on her own.”

A used B got used C wasn’t used

8 “Did you find your degree course difficult?”

“Yes, but I soon ….. to it.”

A used B got used Cwas used

9 “Do you remember Uncle Danny?’

“Yes. He ….. always bring us presents.”

Awould B was used C used

10 “Have you ever lived in a flat before?”

“No, but I will ….. to it.”

Abe used B get used C used

11“Why are you so tired?”

“Because I ….. to getting up early in the morning.”

Aam used B used C am not used

12 “Do you know that man?”

“Yes. He ….. to work for me.”

A was used B used Cis used

B 1Mary met her husband while she worked / was working / used to work in the States.

2Why does Warren keep shouting at people? He wasn’t / wasn’t being / didn’t use to be so bad-tempered.

3How long is it since you had / were having / used to have a holiday?

4The government provided / were providing / used to provide much more help for disabled people than they do now.

5It’s all very well complaining you haven’t any money, but while you were travelling around the world, I studied / was studying / used to study sixteen hours a day for my exams.

6The only time I ever rode / was riding / used to ride a horse, I fell / was falling / used to fall off in the first five minutes.

44. In some of these sentences you can use used to (used to work / used to play / used to be, etc.) instead of the past simple (worked / played / was, etc.). Where possible rewrite the sentences using used to.


1 Every summer, Eileen stayed with her grandparents while her parents were away on holiday. ...Eileen used to stay with her grandparents...

2Bruce drove the new lorry to Scotland, stopping one night in the north of England. ...No change...

3My aunt had a dog which she had rescued from drowning when it was a puppy.

4 As Mary was getting out of the boat her foot slipped and she fell into the river.

5 Before the new shopping mall was built, there was a football pitch here for the local children.

6 Jasper grumbled that bread didn’t taste like cardboard until the supermarkets started making it.

7 During our voyage across the Atlantic I took several photos of the great seabirds which followed the ship, riding on currents in the air.

8 While I was waiting for the bus I noticed a group of tourists who were listening intently to a guide.

9 The punishments at our school were very harsh before the new head teacher was appointed.

10As children we spent a lot of time helping with the household chores, but we didn’t help in the garden.

11The politicians made innumerable promises before the election, but kept none of them, as usual.

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