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Test 10. Present Simple or Future Simple?


1. If he (speak) to Ann tomorrow, he (say) hello from you.

2. I’m sure he (talk) to you before he (leave) Moscow next week.

3. We (not go) to the seaside this weekend if the car (not be) repaired.

4. We (have) some food when we (finish) the housework.

5. As soon as we (arrive), we (give) you à call.

6. She (feel) much happier when she (get) her exam results.

7. There (be) à short break before the film (start).

8. We (not go) out until the weather (improve).

9. When he (see) her, he (give) her the message.

10. What you (do) if you (not get) the job?

11. They (not know) until the letter (arrive).

12. Mike is à little boy. He (want) to be à pilot when he (grow) up.

13. Let’s have à drink before we (start).

14. Don’t worry if I (be) late tonight.

15. I don’t know when he (come) tomorrow.

16. He (phone) you tomorrow as soon as he (arrive).

17. I’m sure Ann will pass the exam. It’ll be very strange if she (not pass) it.

18. I wonder if Jane (come) to my birthday party next Saturday.

19. When he (come) home from school, he usually (have) dinner.

20. After Mary (finish) school, she (enter) the University.

Test 11. Present Simple, Present Continuous or Future Simple?


1. He (phone) you tomorrow when he (get) home from work.

2. ‘I (be) very busy now.’ ‘Why? What you (do)?’

3. Tom (not be) lazy. He (work) hard every day.

4. How often you (go) to the theatre?

5. We (go) to England for our holiday next year.

6. Wait for me! I (come) as soon as I (finish).

7. ‘You (work) hard today!’ ‘Yes, I have à lot to do.’

8. ‘What he usually (do) at weekends?’ ‘He usually (play) tennis.’

9. I (read) à very interesting book at the moment.

10. He is enjoying his holiday. He (have) à nice room in the hotel.

11. You (be) hungry? You (want) something to eat?

12. When I (come) home tomorrow, all my family (be) at home.

13. ‘Where is Ann?’ ‘She (have) à bath.’

14. You (see) that man over there? It’s our new teacher.

15. Look! Kate (dance) again. She (dance) every day.

16. How long it usually (take) you to get to school?

17. John (not go) for à walk today until his mother (come) back from work.

18. You (understand) me now?

19. ‘Would you like à cigarette?’ ‘No, thanks. I (not smoke).’

20. Let’s go out! It (not rain) any more.


Test 12. Present Simple, Present Continuous or Future Simple?


1. ‘When he (get) up every day?’ ‘He (get) up at 8 o’clock.’

2. They (not drink) coffee now. I (think) they (watch) TV.

3. When he (return) to London next week, he (call) us.

4. Our friends always (go) to the country for the weekend.

5. Look! The kitten (play) with its tail.

6. What your brother usually (drink) in the evening?

7. We (have) an English lesson now.

8. ‘Listen! Who (speak) in the next room?’ ‘I (listen) very attentively, but I (hear) nothing.’

9. If it (not rain) tomorrow, we (not stay) at home.

10. Don’t go out: it (rain) heavily. You (get) wet through if you (not take) an umbrella.

11. ‘Have you done your homework?’ ‘Yes, I have. And now I (want) to watch TV.’

12. I (have) no time now, I (have) dinner.

13. ‘Where your sister (be) now?’ ‘She (do) her homework in the next room.’

14. Why she (come) home so late tomorrow?

15. What you (do) now? I (see) that you (not sleep).

16. Before he (start) for London tomorrow, he (visit) our office.

17. Nick (know) English rather well now.

18. When your lessons usually (begin) on Monday?

19. Tomorrow he (go) to the library after he (finish) his homework.

20. ‘Where you (be) tomorrow?’ ‘I (be) at home.’


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