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Test 13. Adjective or adverb? Choose the correct word.


1. Use this chair if you want to sit comfortable/comfortably.

2. It’s not easy/easily to play football.

3. These flowers smell so strange/strangely.

4. He talked so polite/politely and danced so beautiful/ beautifully.

5. The apples taste sweet/sweetly. Help yourself!

6. I always feel happy/happily when the sun is shining.

7. Let’s discuss this idea serious/seriously.

8. ‘How are you?’ ‘I am very good/well, thank you.’

9. His English is perfect/perfectly. He always speaks correct/correctly.

10. You look upset/upsetly. What’s the matter?

11. The driver was driving too fast/fastly.

12. ‘I feel like going to a disco tonight.’ ‘That sounds great/greatly! Let’s go.’

13. It rained very heavy/heavily in London last night.

14. Quiet/Quietly he opened the door.

15. Those oranges look nice/nicely. Can I have one?


Test 14. Complete each sentence using a word from the list.

1. Mary sang _______ at the concert last night. She is a very _______ singer.

2. Our holiday was too _______. The time passed very _______.

3. What _______ flowers! They smell _______ very too!

4. He asked me to ring back but I _______ forgot about it.

5. The children played _______ in the garden. We could hear them laughing.

6. You’re speaking very _______. I can’t hear you.

7. Linda likes wearing clothes. She always looks _______!

8. It is a warm day and the sun is shining _______.

9. The exam was very _______ and I felt very _______.

10. This little boy can’t ride a bicycle very _______. He is just learning.


Test 15. Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form.


New York is the (1)(large) city in the US. Perhaps, with all its suburbs, it is the (2)(big) city in the world. It is one of the (3)(important) industrial cities in the country. Some of the (4)(old) historic buildings are there. Some of the buildings in New York City are the (5)(high) buildings in the whole world. Now New York includes five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Richmond. Manhattan is the (6)(small) in size but it is the heart and source of American policy. Perhaps, the (7)(expensive) office buildings in the world are there. The Bronx is a (8)(residential) than industrial part of the city. Queens is both residential and industrial area. New York’s two (9)(big) airports are both there. Brooklyn has (10)(many) people than any other part of the city – about 3, 000, 000. It is mostly a district of middle class people. New York has the (11)(great) number of factories, the (12)(large) banks and post offices. It sends out many letters and receives the (13)(heavy) mail bags. It is truly the (14)(famous) business city. New York is also called the cultural capital of the USA. There are a lot of museums in New York. One of the (15)(good) known is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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