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Saturday, 16th March 2013

a) Arrival,Registration & Weighing of Athletes and Medical check: 17.00 – 20.00

b) Judges & Referee Seminar: 20.00-21.00

c) Drawing: 21.00-22.00


Sunday, 17th March 2013

a) Weighing and Medical check: 08.00 -10.00(for some teams)

b) Judges & Referee Seminar: 10.00-11.00

c) Preliminary Bouts all categories in PLERIS AGON: 11.00-14.00

d) Pause14:00 - 15.00

e) Final Bouts of all categories in PLERIS AGON: 15.00 – 19.00

f) Medal and close Ceremony 19.00-20.00


g) Departure(for some teams)


Monday, 18th March 2013

a) Departure all teams



All National Federations, Representatives and Associations of the IFPA are kindly requested take clear notice of the following:

1. All Athletes must present the following documents to the registration committee on TOURNAMENT at Riga, Latvia.


1.Original passport of the athlete for scrutiny and return + two clear and legible certified photocopy of Passport for IPF records.

2.Personal health declaration signed by a medical doctor stating that the athlete is physically fit to participate in the championship.

3.Medical Health Insurance Policy for the athlete covering his/her participation in the Eurasian Championship.(*DOCTOR CHECK 3 Euro (1.5 LS) BEFORE EURASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP,IF FIGHTER HAVEN’T MEDICAL INFORMATION).

4.All athletes are bound to pay a non refundable PARTICIPATION FEE of 30 Euro(22 LS) per athlete in each category of events.


2. The delegation must bring and present to the organizing committee: 2 national flags and the audio tape and CD of the national anthem.

3. Each National Pankration Federation/Association is required to duly complete the enclosed athlete’s entry form in ENGLISH, in capital letters and forward the same by email to the LFPA Secretariat on before March, 4 th, 2013.

The Participation cards are to be forwarded to the following address via email:




Tel-Fax: +37167271777

Cell: +37129581644


Address: P.O.BOX LV-1055,Motoru 3-99,RIGA,LATVIA

E-Mail: fist_pankration@inbox.lv

Website: www.pankrations.lv


4. The rules of competition shall be as per the IFPA and WPPA Rules of competition as modified by the General Assembly 2012 and all national coaches must ensure that their athletes are be properly trained under these rules and must have full knowledge of these rules in order to be eligible to participate in the Eurasian Championship.

5. All National Athletes must be attired in the official WPPA Tunika,or shorts(uniform)

6. All athletes must wear standard Pankration fighting Gloves as approved by the WPPA(IFPA,LFPA)

7. All athletes must wear standard WPPA approved Groin Guards.

8. All International Hellanodikis must be attired in red hitonio(or black t-shirt) with the IFPa and WPPA official logo and red periskelida(or black pants). The Hellanodikis will carry his/her ravdos(Stick) to the palestra. Referees will wear Blue wrist band on Right hand and white wrist band on left hand to clearly indicate Kianous and Erithros scoring.

9. Athletes and Hellanodikes will NOT wear Shoes on the Palestra, however the Side Krites are permitted to wear WHITE(black) sports shoes(or without shoes) whilst sitting in the designated corners of the Palestra.

10. Proponites will be attired their National Pankration Track suit and white spots shoes.

11. Any Participant found not complying with the Dress Code Regulation is liable to be removed from the Competition by the Tournament Committee.

12. The following committees will officiate in the Eurasian Championship:

The Paratiritis (Supervisors) : Mr. Sergey Denisov and Mr. Manvel Isadzhanyan the WPPA and LFPA Secretary General and accord the rights as the Highest Authorized Chancellor of this event.

The Hellanodikon (Referee) Committee: Mr. Evangelos Koutras(Greece) and Mr. Sergey Novikov(Latvia)

Promoter: Mr. Sergey Domnin(Latvia) the President of Latvian Pankration Federation (LFPA) in close cooperation with International Federation of Pankration (IFPa) and World Professional Pankration Association(WPPA) and responsible to manage Organizing Committee.

13. All delegations must inform the LFPA Secretariat before March 4, 2012 of their respective schedule of arrival at Riga International Airports, so as to enable arrangements to be made to receive the delegation and take them to the hotel.

14. Information on Eurasian Championship location and athlete’s accommodation:

The Eurasian Championship will be held in the city Riga in Latvia, in the follow address:

“National Riga Sports Arena”

Address: 160,Maskavas str., Riga, Latvia



Official Hotel of the 1st Eurasian Pankration Championship is Hotel AVALON.


Cost 55 Euro per day per person including: breakfast, dinner and local transportation.

Or Hotel “LIVONIA” 25 Euro per day per person including: breakfast, dinner and local transportation.

Or Hostel 15 euro per day per person. including: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and local transportation.

Or in the GYM for free!!!

All participants are kindly required to pay for their accommodation at the time

of registration as soon as they arrive. The LFPA will book all rooms for all participants as per

Their request on deadlines.


Gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas will be awarded to the respective 3 winners in each of the categories as proclaimed in this competition. (One 3rd place).


Those who need the visas support must send their team list and passport copies all to the Latvian Pankration Federation (LFPA) via e-mail not later than February 11. 2013.

Latvian Pankration Federation (LFPA):

President: Mr.Sergey Domnin

Tel-Fax: +37167271777

Cell: +37129581644


E-mail: fist_pankration@inbox.lv

Approved by:

Grand Master Panagiotis G. Koutroumpas

President of International Federation of Pankration (IFPa).

Form: 1


Country: ……………………………………….

No Full Name Gender Event Name Event Category

By this present form, WE, the authorized representatives of the National Pankration Federation/Association of our country, hereby undertake to abide by the decisions of the Hellanodikon (Referee) Committee for any arbitration or appeal that may arise in the said competition and agree to abide by the Constitution and General Rules of WPPA,IFPA and LFPA

We declare that the above listed participants are properly trained and have complete knowledge of the rules and regulations concerning their participation to the 1st Eurasian Pankration Championship. We further undertake to keep the IFPA and the Host Championship organizers, fully indemnified from any liability or risk arising on our account from the said event.



With Regards,


President Secretary General

Form: 2



1. Details the National Pankration Federation or Association:

Name : “ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------”

Address: ______________________________________________________

Tel. No.: ______________________________________________________

Fax No.: ______________________________________________________

E-mail.: ______________________________________________________

Name of President: ____________________________________________

Name of Sec. General.: ____________________________________________


  1. List of Team Members:


No Full Name Gender Date of Birth D/M/Y Passport No Position in Team Remark


Total Number of Team:


Flight Schedule:

Arrival Date & Time: Departure Date & Time:

Flight No: Flight No:

Airline Company: Airline Company:


With Regards,


President Secretary General

Form: 3




Date: …….......


Name of National Federation/Association: ……………………………………………..


Name   Date of Issue passport
Surname   Date of Expiry
Nationality   Address
Father Name   City
Date of Birth   Tel No
Place of Birth   Cell No
Passport No   Fax No






We hereby certify that the athlete ________________________ has been physically examined by the undersigned and we confirm herewith that he/she is medically fit to participate to the 1st Eurasian Pankration Championship 2013 at Riga, Latvia.


The Doctor Name & Seal: …………………..

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