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Facilities and services

The main restaurant in the hotel serves a large American-style breakfast buffet and dinner buffet. There are three indoor bars and a comfortable snack-bar.


Radisson SAS Hotel

Nice, France

Discover a new world of sensations at the French Riviera – stay at the landmark, Radisson SAS Hotel in Nice where excellence meets originality in a modern ambience.


The hotel features 331 rooms and suites decorated in three imposing and original designs.


With 11 excellent meeting rooms, our hotel can accommodate 400 in the new ballroom and 300 for lunch or dinner on the rooftop terrace.


Ideally located on the famous Promenade des Anglais between the romantic old town and The Arenas Business Park, the Radisson SAS Hotel in nice is easily accessible by train, plain, and car. The hotel is five-minute drive from Nice International Airport, and ten-minute walk from the train station.



Tour operators are a people or companies that organize and sell package holidays.

Package holidays, which are also known as package tours, include all of the components necessary for a complete vacation:

- transport to and from the destination;

- transfers between the airport / station / port and hotel;

- food and accommodation at the destination;

- other services at the destination such as a guide or holiday ‘rep’.


The professionals who bring these elements together to create a holiday are called tour operators. They buy in advance and in bulk from the principles: airlines, shipping lines, hoteliers, and so on. Because they buy hundreds of seats or rooms from the principle, they pay a much lower price for them than an ordinary member of the public. The tour operator then converts this bulk into individual packages known technically as inclusive tours (ITs). These are marketed to the consumer through travel agents or by other systems.


In the past tour operators sold almost entirely through travel agents, but today they also use direct selling. This strategy eliminates the travel agents from the chain of distribution, and this reduces the final cost of the holiday package because direct sell operators do not have to pay commission to a travel agent. Many smaller tour operators, for example, prefer to deal directly with their clients.


Not all tour operators sell the same type of holiday. The really big operators, the mass market operators, produce low-cost holidays traditional sea, sun, and sand destinations like Spain, Greece, or Turkey. Other operators limit their product to customers who want a very specific type of holiday. These specialist tour operators sell adventure holidays, holidays for single people, holidays for motor-racing fans, and so on. Domestic operators specialize on tours for people who want to holiday in their own country, whilst incoming tour operators are specialists in providing holiday packages to visitors coming from abroad. For example, ‘Vastravel’, an Italian incoming tour operator, sells tours of Italy to people from the rest of the world.




Management is the process of managing people. A hotel manager is a business executive and this means that he must have a knowledge of accounting, tax and business law, sales and promotion, public relations, as well as a command of the traditional services and functions of the hotel itself.


The manager is responsible for establishing the policies and procedures of operation for the hotel and for seeing that they are carried out. In other words, he is the boss. A good hotelier likes people and likes variety. He can think like a child and entertain like a clown.


The personal influence of the manager varies from hotel to hotel according to the policies of the owners. In a very real sense, the manager is the host who offers the hospitality of this establishment to his guests.


In a large hotel, the manager coordinates the work of the department heads who supervise housekeeping, advertising and promotion, food services, and the rest of the operation. Hiring and training are two other vital responsibilities of the manager. The personality, experience and expertise of every employee in a hotel is a matter of importance in a business where courtesy is one of the major services.


In the addition to the manager, many hotels also include one or more assistant managers on the staff. The assistant managers usually have a desk in the lobby near the reception area. They deal with routine problems such as unsatisfactory room assignments or overbookings.

The management and administration of a hotel have a dual responsibility. First, they must return a profit to the owners. Second, they must deliver the services and quality that the guests expect.

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