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Choose the right word from a couple of similar-looking ones. Change word forms if necessary.

1) (slush, sleet)

a) The ... under my feet was awful. I had an impression that I was walking through a muddy sea.

b) The rain changed into ... . Wet snowflakes were falling on the ground and melted there.

2) (ice drift, snowdrift)

a) The path was hedged by two long .... They were like two mountain ranges.

b) The ... started at night. In the morning the children ran to the river to look at the huge blocks of ice drifting across the water.

3) (icing, icicle)

a) There was heavy ... on the road and all cars were moving very slowly.

b) After a thaw there appeared ... on the edge of the roof; they looked like spar-kling needles.

4)(frost, hoarfrost)

a) Three branches were covered with ... and the forest looked enchanting and somewhat mysterious.

b) The ... was biting the nose and the cheeks. It was impossible to stay long in the street.

5) (draught, drought)

a) Severe ... killed the crops. Not a drop of rain fell on the ground for a month.

b) When the door opened, the ... blew off the papers down on the floor.

6) (to freeze, to be freezing)

a) In winter all rivers and lakes in these parts always ... .

b) The temperature was quite low and I felt that I was ... .

7) (blizzard, drizzle)

a) Boring ... spoiled the day. It was too wet and dull.

b) The ... was blinding us. Snowflakes were swirling in the air.

8) (light, lightning)

a) There is not enough ... in the room. The table should be moved closer to the window.

b) The ... split the sky into two parts. A deafening thunder crack followed.


Choose the correct alternative to fill each gap in the following sen-tences.

1) Itís absolutely ... outside, so wear your gloves.

A. cold B. chilly C. freezing

2) We had to postpone the match because it started to really ... .

A. drizzle B. pour C. shower

3) Tomorrow will be mild with the possibility of a few ... in the evening.

A. rain B. showers C. sleet

4) Itís only a bit of light ... . You wonít need an umbrella.

A. sleet B. drizzle C. hail

5) Close to the Equator the weather is hot and ... and there are often electrical storms.

A. damp B. mild C. humid

6) The old house was very cold and ... in winter.

A. humid B. damp C. freezing

7) Open the window. Thereís a lovely cool ... outside.

A. breeze B. gale C. gust

8) There was such a ... that my umbrella blew inside out.

A. rain B. breeze C. gale

9) The ground was completely white. I thought it was snow at first, but it was just a heavy ... .

A. hail B. frost C. sleet

Read the following conversation, paying particular attention to the underlined idioms. As you are reading, try to work out what the expressions mean.

A: You seem to be making very heavy weather of this exercise. Itís not at all complicated.

B: Itís OK for you to talk. Youíre a genius at maths, you get through these exams like greased lightning.

A: The secret is, donít listen to what the professor says - thatís a lot of hot air. Just think logically for yourself.

B: To tell the truth, Iím a bit under the weather today, so my brain is less active than usual.

A: Iíll help you. Look, all you do is multiply by 2,3 and then divide by 3,5, ...

B: Oh, I see. Thatís the first time Iíve understood what to do. Gosh, youíre like a breath of fresh air. Thanks a lot. I owe you a favour.

A: Save it for a rainy day.

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