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Vital - MCHjHeHHwfi


IlpoHTMTcnpejuio'*:eniiH, onpcaejiirrc n mix CKiuyemue 11 nepcBCAiire:

It is difficult todetermine which emotions or dimensions must be considered

Found ational.

Many interesting books are sold in this bookshop.

Attention can be divided if one task is interesting and easy.

The ability to attend and distraction have been widely studied by the

ADHD is commonly treated with medication - largely stimulants.

This programme has been seen by millions of people.

Familiar material and an unfamiliar passage were presented to the subjects

simultaneously by the same voice.

While reading words written on the page must be identified and combined into

9. A new method has been demonstrated recently.

10. There has been considerable debate concerning how emotions must be

11. Complex emotions have been regarded as developing uponbasic emotions.

12. When a person's emotional connections are severed in the brain he cannot

make even simple

A distinction is made between emotion episodes and emotional

HI. Cjejiattre cjieaywmHe npeAJicmceiiHH OTpnuaTCJii.Hi.iMn:

1. That is right.

2. Many people dream in colour.

3. Heartbeat becomes frequent.

4. Images are interpreted in different ways.

5. The scientists have to understand the essence of dreams.

6. Dreams can predictour future.

7. Psychologists have explained the meaning of manydreams.

IV. IIpoHTHTc iipe;iJi05KeHnji, Haiwne « hhx occcoroiHbie npiuiiiro'iHMe 11 nepcBefliiTe:

1. All information you need can be found inthe article.

2. The only real way to know we are happy is when we feel happy.

3. He said it was a very interesting conference.

4. Studies show attention is a complex phenomenon.
5.1 did not know he had come.

6. The doctor 1 told you about works in (his i 1. I was told he was coming next week. 8. The treatment the patienthad begun wi



to describe the pulmonary

circulation in the first half of the 16th century. The phenomenon of the transfer of carbon dioxide from the blood intothe lungs Sechenovinvestigated is due to the law of diffusion of gas from the fluid into the air.

The great English anatomist W.Harvey found out the heart changed its colour the contractions.

V. lanoMUHte iipoiHiiouieiiiie c-'iejjyiomHX repMHHOB,aattrchx pyccKne


analyze ['aenalaiz] , characterize ['kaeraktsraizj , motivate ['moutiveit], tradition [tre'dijan] , balance j'baefons] , regular ['regjula] , reason [Uri;z3n], logic [bdpkj , progression [pro'grejan] , coma ['koumaj, image ['imidrjj . interpret [irf ta:ptit]

VI. Bbiymiie HOBkie ejioua 11 cjioBocoicraHHH:

to dream [dri:m] - con; weira

dream - BHoerb chu; MeTrarb
to account for [a'kaunt] - oTBenarb (33),ofimcHHTt
to average ['aevsrktj j. cocraanflTb(u cpeaneM)

average - cpeaanfi(cpeflnecTaTHCTH'iecKHfl) life-span - npoAonxtntuibHOCTb «n3nnconscious ['konjas] - cosHarejibHuftdesire [di'zaia] - wejiamtc

to claim..... rpeftoBarb; yreepsiyiaTb, aasBjWTb

to reflect fri'flekt] - orpaxcarrb

waking ('weikin] - 6oapcTBOBanne

flexible ["fleksibl] - i-hokhh, rtoauHJKHbifi

calm |ka:m] - cnoKormufl

rapid [Tsepid] - obicrpbiM

slow [slou] - MejineHHhiH

to deprive [dajpratv] - jiHiuarb

frequent ['frikwant] Hacrufi, pacnpocTpaneHHbifi

crucial ['kru:Jjal] -pemaK)tnnfl, KpnTMMecKirfl

various f'vcsrias] - pa3Hbiii, pa3HOo6pa3HUfl

superficial |,sju:pa*fija!] noBepxHOCTHUtl,nerjiy6oKnfl

moderate ['modarit]cpeaittiH, yMepeHHwR

stage [steid3J - craaHJi

reversed [ri'va:st) - oopanibift, npOTHBOnonojiCHwfi

vital - MCHjHeHHwfi

safeguard ["seifga:d] rapanTHn, oxpana

to sneeze - qnxarb

essence [esns] -.cymnocTb, cymeeTBOBaHne

to penetrate ['penitreit] - ripOHHKaib(Rnyrpb),npoxoumb



Another group of students confronted a more difficult situation. In addition to monitoring the light and attending to the unfamiliar material they had to ignore a familiar passage presented simultaneously in the other ear by the same voice.

Subjects in the "easy" condition reacted more quickly to the signal light and comprehended the passage much better than the students in the "difficult" condition. While attention can be divided (especially if one task is familiar and easy) concentration helps the processing of complex information. Even something as automatic as reading is not a simple task. You have to identify written words on a page. You must also combine words into phrases and sentences and comprehend the meaning. At the same time you must think about the meaning of the material and associate new facts with old information and experience.

In short, attention is very important in everyday life. The ability to attend and its opposite, distraction, have been widely studied by the psychologists.


I. Translate the following word combinations:

TpeoosaTb bhhmbhhh, nesTejibHOCTb cTpaaaeT, noaaepKHBaTb micro, cpaBumtaTb pa3Jtnqntiie coctomhus, neanaKOMUH otpubok to reKcra, b to jkc Bpew», shti, nocraBJietiHbiM b 6oJice TpyjinyK) anyaumo, noHHi'b 3naHenne <|>pa3M, oiOHmau HH^opMaupns, Kopone rosopn, crioco6nocrb oujb BHHMarejibHbiM, OTcyrcrBMe


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