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While no hard evidence for the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has yet turned up, heaps of sightings have been reported.

A Ian

Well, Iím talking about an incident that happened around 32 years ago, almost to the very day actually, midsummer, June 1965. I was fishing with a friend on the south shore of Loch Ness when I saw something break the surface of the water. I glanced there, and I saw it, and then it wasnít there, it had disappeared. It was a whale-like object that rose up out of the water, submerged, and then reappeared seconds later. However, on this occasion it was now on my left, so I realised immediately that while in the process of surfacing, it had rotated. At that moment I called my friend Willie, who came over and joined me. We sat transfixed for a moment before realising that it was drifting towards us. In fact it came to within, I would say, about 250Ė300 yards. If I hadnít had the extraordinary experience of seeing it for myself, I just wouldnít have believed it!

B Richard

Right, Iím driving along not far from the Loch, glancing out of the window and I see this boiling in the water. I thought, ďNo, it canít be anything,Ē and I carried on for a while longer. Then I looked again, and I saw three black humps. I didnít want to lose the sight of the thing, so I pulled over to the side of the road, and grabbed my camera. I was trying to remain very cool and nonchalant as I focused the camera to take two or three pictures. In fact, I had taken nine or ten photos without realising it. There was another couple watching it from their car too, but I was just so excited that I forgot to get their name and address. I saw what I saw, and Iím not going to be dissuaded.

C Dan

The day that I saw the monster was the end of September 1990, and I was driving back from Inverness. I drove up the hill and when I came in sight of the bay, I glanced out across it, and saw this large lump. I know it sounds absurd but itís the only way I can describe it! The nearest I can tell you is, that it looked like a boat that had turned upside down. Iíd say it was about 30 feet in length, and nearly 10 feet in height from the water to the top of its back. It was a clear, sunny day, the water was bright blue, and it really showed up against it. It was a mixture of browns and greens, sludgy sort of colours. I looked at it on and off for a few seconds, because I was driving. Must have seen it three or four times, and the last time I looked, it was gone!

1.He was alone when he saw the monster.

2.The monster came quite close to him.

3.He managed to photograph it.

4.He was already at the Loch when he saw it.

5.At first he ignored what he saw.

6.He did not stop to watch it.

7.He describes how he felt that day.

8.He saw the monster twice.

II. Writing

Put the adjectives in brackets into the comparative or superlative form, adding any

necessary words, as in the example (0).

0. A: Why do you want to live in the countryside?

B: Because the air is ...much cleaner than... (clean) in the city.

1. A: The driving test was very easy.

B: I know. It was a lot ............ (easy) I thought it would be.

2. A: Your dog is really clever.

B: Yes, sheís ............ (intelligent) dog weíve ever had.

3. A: How was the comedy festival?

B: Fantastic! The comedians told ............ (funny) jokes Iíve ever heard.

4. A: Did you go swimming in Crystal Lake when you were in the mountains?

B: Of course! And the water was ............ (clear) Iíve ever swum in.

5. A: Iím 1.60 metres. How tall are you?

B: Iím ............................ (tall) you. Iím 1.64 metres.

6 . A: That was .......... (bad) train Iíve ever travelled on!

B: Well, at least it was ............. (comfortable) than travelling by bus.

You are planning to celebrate your friendís birthday in a café and are going to come

home later than usual. Write a note to your parents in which you:

ē explain the reason of coming later tonight;

ē ask your parents not to wait for you for supper;

ē promise to be at home by 10 p.m.

III. Speaking

Music influences different people in different ways.

ē What type of music influences you the most? How?

ē Which musician has had the greatest impact on you? Why?

ē How is the music of your generation different from the music your parents listened


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