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Ask Liz questions. (Look at her answers before you write the questions.)

1. (where/from?) Where are you from?

_From London originally._

2. (where/live/now?) Where ---

In Manchester.

3. (married?) ---


4. (how long/married?) ---

12 years.

5. (children?) ---

Yes, three boys.

6. (how old/they?) ---

4, 7 and 9.

7. (what/husband/do?) ---

He's a policeman.

8. (he/enjoy his job?) ---

Yes, very much.

9. (arrest anyone yesterday?) ---

I don't know.

10. (how often/go/on holiday?) ---

Usually once a year.

11. (where/next year?) ---

We don't know yet.


Make questions with who or what.

1. Somebody hit me.

_Who hit you?_

2. I hit somebody.

_Who did you hit?_

3. Somebody gave me the key.

Who ---

4. Something happened.

What ---

5. Diane told me something.


6. This book belongs to somebody.


7. Somebody lives in that house.


8 I fell over something.


9. Something fell on the floor.


10. This word means something.


11. I borrowed the money from somebody.


12. I'm worried about something.



Put the words in brackets in the correct order. All the sentences are questions.

1. (when/was/built/this house) _When was this house built?_

2. (how/cheese/is/made)

3. (when/invented /the computer/was)

4. (why/Sue/working/ isn't/today)

5. (what time/coming/your friends/are)

6. (why/was/cancelled/the concert)

7. (where/your mother/was/born)

8. (why/you/to the party/didn't/come)

9. (how/the accident/did/happen)

10. (why/this machine/doesn't/work)


Write negative questions from the words in brackets. In each situation you are surprised.

1. A: We won't see Ann this evening.

B: Why not? (she/not/come/to the party?) _Isn't she coming to the party?_

2. A: I hope we don't meet Brian tonight.

B: Why? (you/not/like/him?)

3. A: Don't go and see that film.

B: Why not? (it/not/good)

4. A: I'll have to borrow some money.

B: Why? (you/not/have/any?)

Grammar card 14

Make a new sentence from the question in brackets.

1. (Where has Tom gone?) Do you know where Tom has gone?

2. (Where is the post office?) Could you tell me where ---

3. (What's the time?) I wonder ---

4. (What does this word mean?) I want to know ---

5. (What time did they leave?) Do you know ---

6. (Is Sue going out tonight?) I don't know ---

7. (Where does Carol live?) Have you any idea ---

8. (Where did I park the car?) I can't remember ---

9. (Is there a bank near here?) Can you tell me ---

10. (What do you want?) Tell me ---

11. (Why didn't Kay come to the party?) I don't know ---

12. (Do you have to pay to park here?) Do you know ---

13. (Who is that woman?) I've no idea ---

14. (Did Ann receive my letter?) Do you know ---

15. (How far is it to the airport?) Can you tell me ---


2 You are making a phone call. You want to speak to Sue but she isn't there. Somebody else answers the phone. You want to know three things:

(1) Where has she gone? (2) When will she be back? and (3) Did she go out alone?

Complete the conversation:

A: Do you know where ---(1)?

B: Sorry, I've got no idea.

A: Never mind. I don't suppose you know ---(2).

B: No, I'm afraid not.

A: One more thing. Do you happen to know ---(3)?

B: I'm afraid I didn't see her go out.

A: OK. Well, thank you anyway. Goodbye.


3 You have been away for a while and have just come back to your home town. You meet Gerry, a friend of yours. He asks you a lot of questions:

1. How are you?

2. Where have you been?

3. How long have you been back?

4. What are you doing now?

5. Where are you living?

6. Why did you come back?

7. Are you glad to be back?

8. Do you have any plans to go away again?

9. can you lend me some money?

Now you tell another friend what Gerry asked you. Use reported speech.

1. _He asked me how I was._

2. He asked me ---

3. He ---

4. ---

5. ---

6. ---

7. ---

8. ---

9. ---

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