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Plan what you will say.

a) you share an office with a colleague who often goes out, without telling you for how long. When clients phone, you are unable to tell them when to call back. What suggestions can you give your colleague?

b) one of your staff, who often visits clients, insists on wearing jeans at work, despite the office dress code which states “no jeans”. You feel it is necessary to discuss it formally with the staff member.


Read the following email and suggest ways the supervisor could deal with the problems in the department. Role-play a conversation to follow the email, with you as Charlie and your partner as Sam. Reply to the email with your own ideas.


Lesson 1.Choosing Careers


Read the following suggestions for finding a job and, in pairs, discuss which ones you agree with and why.

· Contact your friends and see how they can help.

· Visit an employment agency and ask about available jobs.

· Look for the job that gives the best salary.

· Read the advertisements in the business section of your local newspaper and try to find a job that matches your skills, qualifications and interests.

· Ask your parents and their colleagues to get you the job in the companies where they work.

· Discuss your goals and interests with your friends and make a plan for how to proceed.

· Talk to a counselor at the place where you are studying and ask for some advice.


I. Listen to two friends talking about job hunting. Check ü the points that are mentioned in their conversation.

· consult with different businesses and find out what is required in each department

· go to an employment agency

· look at some ads and see what is available

· think about your specific interest in business

· get in touch with any business contacts your family might have

· identify strengths and weaknesses for specific areas of business

· visit college counselor and discuss

II. In pairs, practice making suggestions about how to start job hunting. Use the phrases in the box.

I think it’s time to start… Maybe we should begin by… Let’s go see… Why don’t we read… We need to think about where… We could find out about available jobs… I suppose we should think about… I suggest we start by…

Active vocabulary

I. Here is a list of words and expressions connected with jobs. Divide them into the following categories:

Departments in a company Money Losing a job Adjectives describing different jobs Hours of work Applying for a job


personnel, accounts, references, a salary, advertising, out of work, rate of unemployment, sales, to go for an interview, a wage, to get a bonus, manual, to make someone redundant, a 7% pay rise, to earn US $50.000p., marketing, skilled, to fire an employee, a 9 to 5 job, challenging, to get a commission, gratifying, an hourly rate, boring, to do overtime, to fill in an application form, to work in shifts, rewarding, to work flexi time, to make ends meet, to do something for a living.

II. Think of a job. Do not say what the job is. Let your group members guess by asking you general questions (to which answers will be “Yes” or “No”). The students cannot ask more than 10 questions. You may be asked questions like that:

Do you get a big salary?

Is it a 9 to 5 job?

Do you have to deal with children (patience, people)?

Do you work in shifts?

Do you often have to work overtime?


I. Interview each other:

· If you have a job:

a) How and why did you make up your mind what to be?

b) Has it always been your ambition to do this?

c) Does your job suit you? Why?

· If you don’t have a job…

d) What would you like to be? Why?

e) What will you have to do to get this job?

f) Why do you think you would be well-suited for this job?

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III. Now listen again. This time complete the spaces with the words the man uses to make his proposals. | I. Look at the following ads and underline skills and qualifications needed for each job.
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