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Geographical Position of the USA

The United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world.

It is situated on the North American continent and is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Arctic. The USA borders only on two countries: Canada and Mexico.

This great country has a lot of mountains, rivers, lakes. The main mountains are the Appalachians and the Cordilleras. The longest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri.

The climate of the country is varied. In the southern part it is subtropical while the northern part has very cold weather in winter.

America has fifty states and one federal District of Columbia where the capital of the country is situated. The capital of the USA is Washington. It stands on the Potomac River in the eastern part of the country. The main cities are located on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. New-York is the largest city of the country. Other large cities are San-Francisco, Los-Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas.

The USA is a country of highly developed industry and agriculture. The main industrial centres are Chicago and Detroit, with their greatest automobile company “General Motors”. There are many farms with various agricultural products. Grain, fruit and vegetables are grown on numerous fields especially in the South.

The USA is a country with great holidays, customs and traditions. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world.


1. Choose the correct variant.

1) The USA is the a) second b) third c) fourth biggest country in the world.

2) It consists of a) fifty b) fifty one c) fifty two states.

3) These states are represented in the flag and there's one a) stripe b) star for each state.

4) The name of the flag is a) Union Jack b) Stars and Stripes c) Maple Leaf.

5) There are also a) thirteen b) fourteen c) fifteen stripes on the flag.

6) These are a symbol of the a) colonies b) countries c) states.

7) The colours of these stripes are a) red and blue b) red and white c) white and blue.

8) a) Washington DC b) New York c) Los Angeles is the capital city.

9) a) Chicago b) Los Angeles c) New York is the biggest city.

10) Almost a) 200 b) 250 c) 300 million people of many races lived in the USA in 2007.


2. Choose the correct answers.

1) Where is Brooklyn Bridge? (Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York)

2) Which state is known as the Cotton state? (Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma)

3) What's the name of the island prison in San Francisco Bay? (Long Island, Key West, Alcatraz, Rhode Island)

4) Which is America's largest lake? (Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario)

5) Which river flows through the Grand Canyon? (Mississippi, Missouri, Rio Grande, Colorado)

6) What is the capital of New York State? (Albany, Boston, Charleston, Harrisburg)

7) In which state is Mount McKinley? (Colorado, California, Alaska, South Dakota)

8) What's the hottest place in the USA? (Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park)

9) Which National park is in Florida? (Yosemite, Mesa Verde, Everglades, Yellowstone)

10) Which state is called Lone Star State? (California, Texas, Florida, Arizona)


3. Choose the correct answers.

1) The area of the United States is about a) 2.2 b) 3.7 c) 5.6 million square miles.

2) The USA is so big that parts of it are in different time zones. There are a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 time zones from New York to Hawaii.

3) When it is 9 am in New York, it is a) 6 am b) 7 am c) 12 am in Los Angeles.

4) In which state does the Mississippi River end? a) Misouri b) Louisiana c) Mississippi.

5) The highest mountain is a) Mount McKinley b) Mount Whitney c) Mount Elbert.

6) Which of the following National Parks is in California? a) Yosemite b) Yellowstone c) Everglades

7) a) Los Angeles b)Detroit c) Houston is famous for the automobile industry.

8) The Great Lakes are in the a) Northwest b) Southwest c) Midwest of the USA.

9) Which is not a state of the USA? a) Havaii b) Alaska c) Alberta

10) a) Alaska b) Califonia c) Hawaii became the 50th state of the USA.

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