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Exercise 20. What elements in the offered sentences want omission in translation? Translate the sentences.

1. What difference does it make? (B.P.)

2. How can you even think of such a thing? (B.P.)

3. Listen to me. (B.P.)

4. You're a sweet person, Roxanne. (B.P.)

5. It was a dreadful thing that she had just said. (B.P.)

6. "So don't be too upset." "I'll try not to be..." (B.P.)

7. He had no enemies, I suppose. Not Oliver Grey, oh no. ■ (B.P.)

8. "If it's not one problem, it's another," she said ... "No it's not, Sally. You solve one thing and go on to the next." (B.P.)

9. Wait, let me tie my shoes, will you? (B.P.)

10. I've baked a batch of chocolate brownies. (B.P.)

11. "Do you really and truly think so?" (E.W.)

12. "Oh, one other thing. Not a word to the boys, please, about the reasons for your leaving Oxford." (E.W.)

13. "...and do you think it would be a good thing to buy Mr. Prendergast a new tie?..." "No," said Dingy with fi­nality, "that is going too far. Flowers and fireworks are one thing, but I insist on drawing a line somewhere." (E.W.)

14. "...She's also the one person Henry never but never loses temper with." (J.F.)

15. "Well, have you ever known a butler with a diamond tie-pin?" "No, I don't think I have". "Well, Philbrick's got one, and a diamond ring too... Colossal great diamonds..." (E.W.)

16. "Hallo, you two!" he said. (E.W.)

Exercise 21. Translate sentences containing verbs in the Passive Voice. Explain your choice of a variant.

1. My grandmother was sentenced to Alaska for witchcraft. (J.S.)

2. "The Belle-Adair burned to the water-line, sir... She was insured". "Of course she was". "Well, I wasn't". (J.S.)

3. It [the lawn] was protected from the North by a high wall. (E.W.)

4. I was sent to have my eyes tested. (M.S.)

5. I was sent for to try on my new reading glasses. (M.S.)

6. Paul was awakened next morning by a loud bang on his door... (E.W.)

7. He knocked at the gate, was admitted, put away his bicycle, and diffidently, as always, made his way ... towards his room. (E.W.)

8. The smoke was being fanned away from his face by his hand. (R.Ch.)

9. Malvern went through the doors ... then past a row of small desks at which typewriters were being banged. (R.Ch.)

10. His clothes looked as if they had cost a great deal of money and had been slept in. (R.Ch.)

11. I said, "The bottle may have been tampered with, have you thought of that?" (M.S.)

Exercise 22. Translate, paying attention to the gerund. Explain your choice of a variant.

1. But, there, thinking's no good to anyone - is it, madam? Thinking won't help. (K.M)

2. By money, Mary means new curtains and sure education for the kids and holding her head a little higher and... being proud rather than a little ashamed of me. (J.S.)

3. You are too fond of leaving the door open when you go out. (L.D.)

4. He stopped reading and put my paper down. (J.D.S.)

5. Pussycat, stop saying that. It's driving Mommy absolutely crazy. (J.D.S.)

6. She said gently, "Stop pretending. You're very tired." (J.F.)

7. He thought of smoking a pipe and reading another chapter of the Forsyte Saga before going to bed. (E.W.)

8. "I wonder whether I'm going to enjoy being a schoolmas­ter," thought Paul. (E.W)

9. "And then f wonder whether there's any connection be­tween becoming a decent painter and ... being normal." "You're not going to paint any better by forcing yourself to be abnormal." (J.F.)

10. That morning just before luncheon the weather began tc show signs of clearing, and by half-past one the sun was shining. (E.W.)

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