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Match the questions in the right-hand column with the phrases in the left-hand column. Make up short dialogues, using them.

1. Address a) What do you do?
2. Occupation b) Where do you work/study?
3. Place of birth c) When were you born?
4. Date of birth d) Are you married or single?
5. Marital status e) Where were you born?
6. Place of Employment f) Where do you live?


- What is your address?

- I am sorry, I dont understand.

- Where do you live?

- Oh, I see. Uman 33, Nekrasov Street, Flat # 20.

Tell your group-mates about yourself. Use the hints below. Choose the best story, explain your choice.

ü Biography ( was born in (on); years old; Ukrainian; not married);

ü Education ( Teachers training school; first-year student; full-time student);

ü Favourite Subjects (to study many subjects; to be good at );

ü Pastime (to be fond of ; reading/music/watching TV/travelling);

ü Attitude to Sport (to go in for sports; to play football/volleyball/tennis/chess).

Reject or confirm the following statements, using phrases YOU ARE RIGHT or YOU ARE WRONG.

1. You are the only child in your family.

2. You are the baby of the family.

3. You are an adopted child.

4. You have a half-brother/a half-sister.

5. You have a stepbrother/a stepsister.

6. Your family is nuclear/extended/single-parent/blended.


4. Study the information about good families and good parents. Do you agree with the following statements? Provide your own idea, concerning this problem.


1. always does things together;

2. helps each other;

3. is always kind to each other;

4. talks together about problems;

5. makes sacrifices for each other;

6. enjoys being together;

7. protects each other from difficulties.

YOUR OWN IDEA:________________________________________________________


1. a good parent does things in the interests of their children;

2. a good parent does care about you and whats happening in your life;

3. a good parent knows what its like to be a teenager and accept our point of view;

4. a good parent is one who helps his or her children;

5. a good parent teaches right or wrong and is able to talk with his/her children;

6. a good parent supports you in what you do and praises you for all the good things that you do;

7. a good parent is someone who cares but who is strict and wants their children to be successful.

YOUR OWN IDEA:_______________________________________________________

Discuss the following questions in groups.

GROUP 1 Is there a difference between the role of mother and father?

GROUP 2 Do you ask parents for advice?

GROUP 3 If you have children, what will you do differently from your own parents?

GROUP 4 Imagine you can choose anyone famous to be your parents. Whom will you choose?

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