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Define the tense and voice of the predicate in the following sentences. Underline it.

Module Test

For the fifth year students

Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law

Specialty: “Hospitality”

Variant #1

I. Listening comprehension.

Listen to the text and write which statements are false (F) or true (T).


1. From the earliest time people could do several things simultaneously.

2. As car has become available, the time of multitasking has increased.

3. Linguists introduced the word “multitasking” to the vocabulary.

4. Today only few people can set their personal computers to multitask.

5. Multitasking may be a bad thing for some people.

6. Multitasking can reduce the productivity.

7. Multitasking can lead to many mistakes.

8. Multitasking don’t like to do more than one thing at once even in their leisure time.

9. Now a lot of businessmen are almost always doing two or three things at once.


Points: 9

II. Reading.

Read the text.

What is international trade?

When Honduras exports bananas to Switzerland, they can use 1._________________ to import Swiss chocolate – or to pay for Kuwaiti oil or a vacation in Hawaii. The basic idea of international trade and investment is simple: each country produces goods or services that can be either consumed at home or exported to other countries.

The main difference between domestic trade and international trade is the use of foreign currencies to pay for the goods and services crossing international borders. Although global trade is often added up in U.S. dollars, the trading itself involves 2.______________ Japanese videocassette recorder is paid for in German marks in Berlin, and German cars are paid for in U.S. dollars in Boston. Indian tea, Brazilian coffee, and American films are sold around the world in currencies as diverse as Turkish liras and Mexican pesos.

Whenever a country 3._____________ there is a resulting flow of funds: money returns to the exporting nation, and money flows out of the importing nation. Trade and investment is a two-way street, and with a minimum of trade barriers, 4._____________ usually makes everyone better off.

In a interlinked global economy, consumers are given opportunity to buy the best products at the best prices. By opening up markets, a government allows it citizens to produce and export those things they are best at and to import the rest, choosing from whatever the world has to offer.

Some trade barriers will always exist as long as any two countries have different sets of law. However, when a country decides to protect its economy by 5.____________ the result is often damaging to everyone, including those people whose barriers was meant to protect.

The Great Depression of the 1930’s, for the example, spread around the world when the United States decided to erect trade barriers to protect local produces. As other countries retaliated, trade plumped, jobs were lost, and the world entered into 6. _____________________.

Match sentences a-f with gaps 1-6.

a. various currencies

b. international trade and investment

c. the money they earn

d. a long period of economic decline

e. imports or exports goods and services

f. erecting artificial trade barriers


Points: 6

III. Grammar.

Define the tense and voice of the predicate in the following sentences. Underline it.

1. The tickets had been sold when I came.

2. The factory is being built.

3. The novel will be written next year.

4. My friend is going to read this book.

5. The film was being discussed at that time.

Points: 5

2. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets:

1. Miss Grier asked her several times what … (happens/happen/is happening/has happened/had happened)

2. I asked her what her name … (am/is/are/was/were) and she said “Roberta”.

3. He asked her if she … (is going/was going/were going) to be in London for long.

4. On Saturday morning, Simon decided that he … (do/does/did/will do/would do) some gardening.

5. She started asking if she … (can/could/will be able to) see me that evening.


Points: 5

IV. Writing. Insert words or word combinations given below.


According to a……………. …………… in this month's Travel & Leisure, advertising execs in charge of a country's …………. …………… treat countries in the same manner as they treat cars, bottles of ketchup, or sports shoes. They must …………. their "product" and create a "reputation and ………….." in the minds of the consumer (i.e. tourist) which is unique, …………….., and consistent.

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