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Theatre Of Operations


"Death After Life" (2005)


Mondo Medicale


Theatre Of Operations

Preservation Of Death

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The Dead Shall Dead Remain

Critical Condition

Medical Waste

Dead Alive

Coda Morte





At Saint Julian's Medical University

Four ambitious students are taking experiments into the nature of death a bit too seriously

(Death after life)

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, they will live by the scalpel and cut down those who get in their way.

(Death after life)

Experiments in murder, their aim are to answer the question - Is there a cure for death after life?

(Death after life)

Death after life...if you're lucky enough to die, pray that you stay dead.



Mondo Medicale


Grinding forth from the halls of education

Replete with the stench of dessication

Four pre-meds suffer condemnation

Tomes were perused, tombs were abused

All medico-legal limitations refused

With inhuman dexterity and intelligence, infused


Master thespians in the operating theatre

Likewise endowed in a gorenography feature

Deranged we may be after a blood bath

But all that rots can't be studied intact


Sifting through reams of anatomical charts

Bisecting livers and dissecting hearts

Arcane knowledge for doctoral upstarts

Rooting through a chum ridden morass

Cells scrutinized on iodized glass

We've mapped the structure of a carcass


Up to our elbows in grue and claret

We proffer quite a sanguine display

As we rule this mondo medicale

With scalpels and blades prepared on the tray

Integument cut and dermis to flay

You will rue this mondo medicale


Bypassing moral balances and checks

Summistes on high, rewriting texts

Our æsculapian methods leave them all vexed

Surgical aspirations, all dignified

Post-modern Versali, repersonified

But for our successes, we're villified


A trocar employed for psycho-surgery

In this bedlam of hospitality

Though flesh and blood are dead inside

The gross anatomy can still be applied

To raise the stakes of medicine's breadth

These choice cuts ours, until death

Our work is to die for so don't be a knave

Choke on it and go back to the grave





Addressing inequities in inadequate techniques

Surgical procedures, involved and unique

My knife is a brush for a sanguine pallette

Create a masterpiece with some bone and a mallet


Hysterectomies for those who are insane

Severing meninges to balance the brain

Trephan the skull for a nervous disorder

Tapping the vein to expunge fever

Excoriate bubos with brand and cleaver

Our professors believe we're out of order


Suffering spinalectomies

Their bellies, jaundiced

Fusty minds, cowardly

You're gutless

Faint of heart and lothly

With enfeebled stomachs

Lily-livered and rafty

You're gutless


Without the risk, there's no reward

We must experiment on our wards

To elevate our science

We will operate in defiance


Committed to impuning progress

Judicial officials are made to egress

Our critics are given the axe

The needs of many outweigh the few

Profficide required for us to continue

The research of cold, dead facts


Restraining philistines

Facing final justice

Exscinding to the spine

You're gutless

Liberating omentum

Of an aristarchus

Usefulness just begun

You're gutless


Without the risk, there's no reward

We must experiment on our wards

To elevate our science

We will operate in defiance


Moral objectors will lose their tongues

And guts and bones and brains and teeth and lungs

Till they're gutless



Theatre Of Operations


If we make the incision here, we can minimize tissue damage...

He's waking up.

[ Gurgling noise ]

Ah, professor, welcome back to the land of the living...at least...temporarily.

What's that? Cat got your tongue? Oh, that's right. We do. Right here in this jar.

Well you were saying such awful things about us...

Hurry this up, here's a bonesaw.

Alright. We've got to take some other things from you now, professor.

Don't worry. It'll only hurt...until you die.



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