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Family. Family relationships

  1. Letís talk about family relationships. What do you appreciate in the family relations?

My family means the world to me. I would do anything in the world for them because they mean that much to me. To me, family is the safety net under the "Tightrope walking act" of trying to navigate life. No matter what you do, they will always love and support you, they will always be there to help you in hard times, and you can always go back there for comfort, advice and help.

My family may not be perfect and neither am I, but I tell you that, you will never find another family quite like mine.

  1. What are the things youíre most grateful to your parents for?

My parents are the two most important people in the world. I know lots of times I can seem pretty ungrateful but I appreciate everything they have done for me. The number one thing that I really appreciate the most itís how they both brought me into this world. The number two thing is how every time I get in trouble or do something stupid, theyíre always on my side, no matter if Iím right or wrong, they always have my back to the fullest.

  1. Do you get on well with your family? Do your parents understand you? Can you give some tips to your classmate who has problems with parents how to make his family happier?

As soon as you become a teenager you start developing confidence that what you are doing is right and stop listening to what your parents want to say. You start feeling that there is a generation gap between you and your parents. I can give you some tips to make your parents happy:

1 Try to understand their feelings, they love you.

2 Show respect:It will only bring smiles to their faces. Even if you donít agree with their thinking, try to make them understand politely. Donít use harsh words. Giving respect is the best way to make anyone happy; it cannot be compared with any precious gift.

3 Spend some time:When you think about your parentsí life, you will understand that they feel lonely if you avoid them. Thus, try to take some time for your parents.

4 Remember their special events:Always celebrate your parentsí birthday or special events, and celebrate it with lots of love.

5 Show appreciation:Parents do so much but never expect anything in return, so why not to say a thank you to them occasionally and show gratitude with a card, flower or a hug? This will surely bring you close to them and bring memories which your parents can cherish forever.

Try to be nicer to them . Your parents will see and be pleased by your maturity. Then they will give you more freedom.

  1. Imagine you are invited to spend a couple of days in your pen-friendís family in London. Ask him about their family holidays and traditions.
1. Do you observe family traditions? 2. Can you tell me what your favourite family tradition is? 3. Do you think family traditions make families tight-knit? 4. Do you see the New year in together? 5. Would you like to invent some more traditions for your family?
  1. What is the recipe of an ideal family? What are the reasons of the family breakdown?1

Today Ė even in rural areasĖ the idea of the family itself is changing There are changes in values, economics and government policies. These changes are making unfaithfulness and divorce more common, marriage less serious, child rearing more confusing and stable relationships more difficult. These changes go against correct biblical teaching. The family is the glue that holds communities, nation, and world together and itís weakening. Family is a natural way of protection because society is ever changing. Families automatically protect each other against the competitive and aggressive outside world. Itís necessary that people understand that their obligations must be to the family first and foremost. Extended families must be the norm and really form an individualís social network. In such families members are naturally part of the inner circle along with close friends . The people from the inner circle can be relied upon to: offer advice, help find a job, cut through bureaucracy, or even rent an apartment.

So a happy family is that in which every member lives caring about others. Of course, love and understanding are necessary but, Iíd rather say, that respect, care and patience are needed nonetheless.

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