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Character and Personality



Make a class survey and find out how many people believe in horoscopes and their Zodiac Signs.


Are we the kind of people we are because of the time of the year we were born? See if you can complete the adjectives below. Each one has a clue beside to help you and a dot for each letter that you need to add.


ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

You won’t find him in the corner at the party o.tg.i.g

That’s her doing the can-can on the table ex…v.rt

She has no problems c..ef . ee

He never frowns l…t-h.a.t.d

She tells no lies t.u.hf ..

He has few secrets o..n

He’ll tell you if he doesn’t like your make-up c.n.id

She’ll tell you if she doesn’t like your after-shave f…k

He’s the person to ask for that five pounds you are owed e..y-g…g


TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 20)

He knows what he wants and he usually gets it s.r.n.-wi..ed

She never gives up without a fight d.t.r.i.ed

He knows he is good s.l.-as.u..d

She knows she’s as good s.l.-co..i..nt

She likes to be the boss, the one on top d.m.n.nt

He wants to be even bigger, even better – the best am..t.o.s

and expects high standards of performance from others d.m.n.i.g

He works 18 hours a day, jogs, and plays squash e.e.ge..c

She hates to lose, in business or at tiddlywinks c.mp…t..e


GEMINI (May 21 – Jun 20)

She thinks she’s good p.o.d

He thinks he’s superior to everyone a.r.g..t

“As the most experienced and sensible person

present, I…” p.mp..s

“Of course, I could have beaten him even more

easily, but I wanted to give him a chance” b..stf.l

She won’t share her presents with her sister s..f..h

He spends half the day in front of the mirror v..n

She thinks the whole world revolves around her s..f-c.n.r.d

He thinks he’s the center of the universe e.oc..t..c

She looks down on anyone who hasn’t got a

heated indoor swimming pool at home s.o.b..h

CANCER (Jun 21 – Jul 20)

She seems to enjoy finding fault with others c.it…l

He’ll take off marks if you don’t dot your i’s p.t.y

She can only ever see one side of things na…w-m.n..d

He always likes the fat taken off his bacon f.s.y

He’s like a donkey s.u.b.r.

She’s like a mule o.s.in.t.

He loves money, loves having “things” m.t.r.a.i.t.c

Oh yes, he’ll help you – if you make it worth while m.r.en.ry

She never lets her husband out of her sight p.ss.ss..e


LEO (Jul 21 – Aug 21)

You never know what he’s going to do u.p.ed.ct..le

He never knows what he’s going to do i.d.c.s.ve

There are two things I don’t like about her - her face t.o-f…d

Be careful what he’s saying about you behind your back h.po.r.t.c.l

Be careful what she’s doing while your back is turned d.sh.n..t

He behaves like the weather in April cha.g.a.le

She behaves like the proverbial primadonna t.mp.r.m..t.l

He says what I want to hear, not what he thinks i.s.nc.r.

He never does all the things he says he’ll do u.r.l.a.l.


VIRGO (Aug 22 – Sep 22)

Other people’s points of view always impress him i.p.e.s.on..le

She’d believe you if you told her pizzas grew on trees g.ll.ble

She lacks will-power w..k-w….d

He lacks courage c.w..d.y

He doesn’t do much – he just sits back and watches p.s..v.

She’ll do what she’s told ob.d…t

You never know what he’s thinking s.cr.t..e

“It was an honour just to be on the same court as

McEnroe. h.mb.e

How I beat him 6-0, 6-0, 6-0? It was just luck m.d..t


LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

He uses his common sense s.n.i.le

She never does silly things under pressure l.v.l-h..d.d

She’s like the Libran symbol of the scales w..l-b.l.n.ed

She’d solve all the problems on a desert island, p.ac..c.l

and nothing would upset her c..m

He’d be a good judge or referee f..r-m..d.d

She’s got both feet on the ground and is really

down-to-earth r.al..t.c

His heart rarely rules his head r.t..n.l

I think, therefore I am. That’s my approach l.g.c.l

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Keep out of her way when she loses her temper a.gr..s.v.

He’s always the first one to put his fists up, v..l.nt

And he’s quick to use them – to the full b.u.al

He may even add a boot or two for good measure v.c.o.s

She won’t let anything stand in her way r..hl..s

He has no principles about hurting other people u.sc.u.u.ous

He almost seems to enjoy causing trouble m.l.c.ous

She’s a strong believer in an eye for an eye, sp.t…l

and a tooth – or, in her case, teeth – for a tooth v.n.i.t.ve


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 20)

Those with some Latin blood in their veins p.s.i.n.t.

They are fiery and emotional h..-bl..d.d

She’s not afraid to go mountain climbing, c.ur.g…s

Or to join a mountain rescue team b.a.e

He wants to go to wild places a.v.nt.r..s

They are vivacious, like champagne bubbles l.v.l.

She puts her heart and soul into her profession d.d.c.t.d

On the sinking ship, the dog never left his master d.v.t.d

These friends do not desert you in crisis l.y.l


CAPRICORN (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

He’d always stop to help a disabled person across

the road c.ns.d….e

That’s her on the beach wiping oil off the sea-birds’

Feathers t.nd..

She wouldn’t hurt a fly g.nt..

He leaves $10 tips g.n.r..s

He wouldn’t mind if she dyed her hair green t.l.r..t

She lets him sleep when he gets back from work u.d.rst.n.i.g

He defends her in any argument p.o.ect.ve

She kisses him on the cheek every minute or so a.f.c.i.n.te

She always sends a card on her parents’ anniversary th..g.tf.l


AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

If she likes you, she’ll fling her arms around you i.p.l.i.e

He jumps into the bath without testing the water i.p.t.ous

Lose your way with her in the car? You’d better not! i.p.t.e.t

He’s constantly like a child on Christmas Eve ex.i.abl.

He’s a typical “angry young man” r.b.l.i.us

She’s Trotsky, Castro and Guevara all rolled into one r…lut.o..ry

He’s got a memory like a sieve f..g.tf..

If she gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her u.c.n.r.l.a.l.


PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

There she is, over there, on her own in the corner s.y

He’s afraid that the whole world is looking at him s.l.-c..s..ous

She peeps round her front door like a mouse t.m.d

He’s always the last to introduce himself r.s..ved

Be careful not to upset her. It’s easily done s.n.i..ve

He can see beauty in a pile of rubbish i..gin….e

He can then turn the pile of rubbish into a work of art c.e.t.v.

I was moved to tears by the beauty of his sculpture em.t….l

He doesn’t know who he is, where he is, what to do

or why u.sta.le


Exercise 1

Ladies and gentlemen, which of these traits of character do you most dislike in a partner? Place them in order.

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