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Complete the sentences. Use Present Indefinite and Present Continuous.

1.Sue (be) a student from South Korea.

2.She (live) in Seoul and (study) medicine.

3.At the moment, however, Sue (live) in London.

4.She (do) a six-months practical course in a London hospital.

5.In five days, Sue (go) back to South Korea because the next term at University (start) in ten days.

Complete the sentences. Use Present Indefinite and Present Continuous.

1. Mary and Joe (be) in a clothes shop at the moment.

2. They (look) at some jeans.

3. Joe only (have) one very old pair of jeans.

4. So he (want) to buy a new pair of jeans now.

5. Right now, he (try on) a pair of blue jeans.

6. These jeans (fit) very well, he (say).

7. But they (not suit) you, Mary (reply). Try on another pair.

8. What (think / you)? he (ask) Mary, when has tried on another pair.

9. Great! How much (cost / they)?

Complete the sentences. Use Present Indefinite and Present Continuous.

1. James (live) in a little village.

2. He (be) in his last year at school.

3. After school, James (want) to become a banker.

4. So this week, he (do) a practical course in a bank.

5. There (be) a bank in a nearby town, but James (have) to take the bus to get there.

6. The bus (leave) at 5.30 in the morning and (return) at 8.15 in the evening.

7. James (not / like) to spend so much time in town before and after work, waiting for the bus.

8. Therefore, this week he (stay) with his aunt, who (live) in town.

9. James usually (wear) jeans and t-shirts, but while he (work) for the bank now, he (wear) a suit and a tie.



Use of Simple Past

  • action in the past taking place once, never or several times

Example: He visited his parents every weekend.

  • actions in the past taking place one after the other

Example: He came in, took off his coat and sat down.

  • action in the past taking place in the middle of another action

Example: When I was having breakfast, the phone suddenly rang.

  • if sentences type II (If I talked, )

Example: If I had a lot of money, I would share it with you.

Signal Words of Simple Past

  • yesterday, 2 minutes ago, in 1990, the other day, last Friday
  • (If I talked, )

Make sentences using correct tense form

1. he / the question / answer

2. you / a question / ask

3. the dog / bark

4. they / us / call

5. we / a mountain / climb

6. we / in London / live

7. I / hungry / be

8. they / a hamster / have

9. he / to school / go

  1. Rewrite the sentences in the negative.

They collected postcards.

3. You jumped high.

4. Albert played squash.

5. The teacher tested our English.

6. Fiona visited her grandma.

7. He washed the car.

8. You were thirsty.

9. He had a computer.

10. I bought bread.

11. You saw the house.

Write questions in simple past.

1. Anna / the window / open

2. she / home / walk

3. you / in the garden / work

4. you / a song / sing

5. she / on a chair / sit

6. you / the castle / visit

7. Jenny / the door / lock

8. she / happy / be

9. Greg / the ball / kick

10. the car / at the corner / stop

Ask for the bold part of the sentence.

1. She pushed her bike.

2. She carried a bag.

3. We waited in the park.

4. The policeman arrested the thief.

5. We ate fish.

6. She watched the match last night.

7. She asked her friend because she did not know what to do.

8. I opened the door.

9. The teacher checked our homework.

10. Cindy had a dog.

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