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Chapter 13. The Truth.

Chapter 11. The Visit.

1. Give a good Russian translation of the following words and word combinations and recall the situations with them: to be damaged, grief, irresponsible, suspicious, request, mess.

2. Answer the following questions:

1. Why didnt Julie go to work that day?

2. Did the information she got help her?

3. What was strange about Colins car?

4. What made Julie believe Colin had abandoned her?

5. Why did Julie feel suspicious while talking to Mark?

6. How did Julie react to the news?

3. In what situations were the following figures used in the chapter: 2; 10; 10.30?

4. Write down the passage The doorbell rang while Julie was still Julie sipped some coffee and nodded. Prepare good reading and translation of the extract.

Give the summary of the chapter.

Write your own variant of the end of the story. Limit yourselves to 200 words.

Chapter 12. The Robbery.

1. Give a good Russian translation of the following words and word combinations and recall the situations with them: suburb, to pay in advance, board, cracked, torch, rubber gloves, delivery truck, apart from, half way, strong-room, main stock, lens, cabinet, precious, to remove, necklace, plastic explosive, grille, explosion, to slam the door, tyre, fence, staff members, gang, fingerprints, insurance company, to be about to.

2. Have a look at the following proper names mentioned in the chapter and say in what connection each of them was used: the Thames, Sandwells, Red Lion, Frankie Simpson, Spain, Birmingham, Manchester, Mr. Rose, Scotland.

3. Give the English equivalents for the following words and expressions: , , , , , .

4. Answer the following questions:

1. Why did John move to a hotel? What kind of hotel was it? What stories are usually connected with such places? Do you think Johns appearance in such a hotel would seem suspicious? Whose would be?

2. How did John try to sooth his nerves? Did it help? What thought calmed him down?

3. What things did John and Linda take for the robbery? Would you add anything else to the list?

4. Where did Linda stop her car? Why?

5. What did John have to do to enter the shop? How much time did he have?

6. Where were the most valuable things kept?

7. Why couldnt John turn on the light first?

8. What did he need the adhesive tape for?

9. How was he planning to deceive the police?

10. Why did John and Linda part after the robbery?

11. What mistake from your point of view did Linda make?

12. Why did Linda get up early?

13. What could seem suspicious about her behaviour?

14. What made the police think there were several thieves?

15. What questions was Linda asked?

16. Why didnt she work till the end of the week?

Think of 3 true-false statements based on the contents of the chapter and discuss them with your group mates.

Describe the robbery in detail.

Give the gist of the chapter.

Chapter 13. The Truth.

1. Give a good Russian translation of the following words and word combinations and recall the situations with them: to fold, bank statement, receipt, unconscious, to be involved with, to exchange identities, to bury, swan, willow tree.

2. Finish the sentences inserting not more than four words:

1. On the Thursday evening Julie Fenton decided __________________.

2. Under the pile of documents Julie found _____________________.

3. Julie hurried downstairs hoping that she hadnt thrown away _________.

4. Mark and Julie sat in his living-room drinking coffee _____________.

5. Julie thought that there was something ___________________.

6. Julie and Mark sat on a bench _________________________.

3. Answer the following questions:

1. What was Julie looking for in the drawer?

2. What shocked her? What thoughts did it prompt?

3. How did Mark react to her phone call?

4. Why didnt Julie think Colin could be with Linda?

5. Why did Mark agree to help Julie?

6. What was Julie most frustrated about?

4. Write down the passage In one of the drawers in the bedroom Julie realized that she needed to speak to Mark Ashwood again. Prepare good reading and translation of the extract.

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