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Organizational Design for Implementing Administrative Change

Asking customers what they want is the best way to create

New products that will be successful in the marketplace.

ANSWER:Agree or disagree. It depends on the organization. Bringing customers

into the product development process has been highly benefi cial for many

companies. However, many products developed based on what customers say

they want do not succeed. In addition, some highly innovative companies, like

Apple, believe relying too much on customer input limits the pie-in-the-sky thinking

needed to create truly breakthrough products.


2. Describe the dual-core approach. How does the process of management change normally differ from technology change? Discuss.


The Duel-Core Approach

An organizational change perspective that identifies the unique processes associated with administrative change compared to those associated with technical change

Administrative change pertains to the design and structure of the organization itself

Research into administrative change suggests that changes occur less frequently than technical changes, and that it occurs in response to different environmental sectors and follow a different internal process than technology-based changes

The administrative core is above the technical core in the hierarchy, and their responsibilities include structure, control, and coordination of the organization, and they relate to the environmental sectors of government, financial resources, economic conditions, HR, and competitors

The technical core, on the other hand, is concerned with the transformation of raw materials into organizational products and services and involves the environmental sectors of customers and technology

The point of this approach is that many organizations must adopt frequent administrative changes and need to be structured differently from organizations that rely on frequent technical and product changes for competitive advantage


Organizational Design for Implementing Administrative Change

A mechanistic structure is appropriate for frequent administrative changes, like goals, strategy, structure, etc., because it allows for top-down implementation

An organic structure is appropriate for technical changes, like production techniques and innovation technology, because it allows for bottom-up changes

This is shown in the diagram below:


3. What does it mean to say managers should organize for both exploration and exploitation?

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