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A) Composite Sentence as a Polypredicative Construction

26. Composite Sentence as a Polypredicative Construction.

The Sentence is the basic unit of syntax. It is different from other language units because it is a unit of communication. It's very difficult to give a definition of the sentence because it has many aspects. Every definition reflects this or that aspect but it can't be considered as a universal one.

As for the problem of classification of the sentence there are several types of them. From the structural point of view sentences are classified as simple and composite. Composite sentences are divided into compound and complex. Composite Sentence is a Polypredicative construction.

Composite S is formed by two or more predicative lines. It expresses a complicated set of thought and reflects some intellectual efforts closely combined with one another. Hach predicative line makes up a clause.

The two main types of the connection of clauses are subordination / coordination. By coordination, clauses are arranged as units of syntactically equal rank. By subordination they are arranged as units of unequal rank, one being categorically dominated by the other.

Besides the classical types of coordination and subordination of clauses, we find another case of construction of a composite sentence. When the connection between the clauses combined in a polypredicative unit is extremely loose, placing the sequential clause in a syntactically detached position. In this loosely connected composite sentence the information expressed by the sequential clause is presented as an afterthought, an idea that comes to the speakerís mind after the completion of the foregoing utterance. This kind of connection is called cumulation. Its formal sign is the tone of completion. In writing it is a semifinal mark, such as a semicolon, a dash, sometimes a series of periods.

Continuative cumulation: He did his job in the office without any fuss; he answered questions in the House: he made a couple of speeches.

Parenthetical cumulation: Your story, you know, showed such breadth and depth of thought.

A subordinate clause presents the information naturally supplementing the information of the principal clause.

As to coordinated clauses, they each of them corresponds to a new effort of thought. The position of a coordinate clause is rigidly fixed in all cases, which can be used as one of the criteria of coordination in distinction to subordination. Another criterion is a potential possibility to any coordinate clause to take either ,,and" or ,,but" as introducers.

The means of combining clauses into a polypredicative sentence are divided into syndetic (i.e. conjunctional) and asyndetic ( i.e. non-conjunctional), syndetic &asyndetic connection



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