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V. Complete the sentences

  Listen! A I have showed it to the director
  I fed my cat with B when I meet him.
  I’ll speak to him about it C Somebody is playing the piano.
  When I received a telegram D was still shining.
  We came home when the sun E fish yesterday.
1 - C 2 - E 3 - B 4 - A 5 - D

VI. Mark one odd word

a). double room b). single room c). twin room d). reception
a). shop assistant b). receptionist c). porter d). doorman
a). to pay the bill b). in advance c). on departure d). taxi stand
a). a vacant room b). department store c). price per night d).Bed & Breakfast
1 - d 2 - a 3 - d 4 - b



I. Write the appropriate form of the adjective in the brackets

1. This room is the largest in the house.

2. That is the most beautiful) picture of all

3. The elephant is the largest animal in the world.

4. She is the eldest of the three sisters.

II. Put nouns in brackets in plural form.

1. How many eggs are in the baskets?

2. They have got many oranges this year.

3. How many lessons do the children have every day?.

III. Put the following sentences in negative and interrogative forms

1. had I discussed everything with the manager by that time. I hadn’t discussed everything

2. will The hotel bus collect you from the station. The hotel bus won’t collect you

3. had The book been stolen. The book hadn’t been stolen.

4. have They been playing tennis since it stopped rain. They haven’t been playing tennis

IV. Fill in missing words in the text

In England the cinema is usually called “the pictures”. The American name “the movies” is sometimes used to. The first performance or “showing”, as it is called, begins at about two o’clock in the afternoon and the performances go on from then until about half pastten. The cinema is not emptied between the “showings”, so ones you have paid for your seat you can stay in the cinema as long as you like. There is usually one main film, a shorter one, a news film, some advertisements and a “trailer” telling about the films for the next week.

V. Complete the sentences

  My cousin is looking for a job, A at his sport club.
  The waiter is putting a bottle B but he hasn’t find a job yet.
  Two hours ago C we went out of the house.
  Last night John was D we spoke in our room
  After we had said good –bye to him E of lemonade on the table.
1 - B 2 - E 3 - D 4 - A 5 - C


VI. Mark one odd word

a). swimming b). boxing c). wind-surfing d). sailing
a).football b).volleyball c). basketball d). table tennis
a).judo b). boxing c). wrestling d). volleyball
a). basketball b).tennis c). baseball d). football
1 - b 2 - d 3 - d 4 - d


I. Write the appropriate form of the adjective in the brackets

1. Bananas are sweeter than apples.

2. Football is the most popular sport in Ukraine.

3. I am the youngest in my family.

4. The weather today is hotter than yesterday.

II. Choose the correct form of the personal pronouns.

1. Ira and her) sister live in Kyiv.

2. Our) car is new.

3. He put his) hand in hers.

4. It was he who forget to do his) homework.

III. Put the following sentences in negative and interrogative forms

1. will A new school be built in our town. A new school won’t be built

2. Does he always come home in time. He doesn’t always come home in time.

3. will The famous candidate speak at the session. The famous candidate won’t speak

4. Did they stay at the local hotel. They didn’t stay at the local hotel

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