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VI. Mark one odd word

a). father b). girl c). mother d). daughter
a). son b).daughter c). uncle d). father
a).grand son b).grand daughter c). grandfather d). friend
a). friend b). boy-friend c). girl-friend d). sister


1 - b 2 - c 3 - d 4 - d



I. Write the appropriate form of the adjective in the brackets

1. English is easier than French.

2. Tom is the strongest of my friend.

3. The road was longer than we had expected.

4. This song is the most beautiful one in the world!

II. Choose the correct form of the personal pronouns.

1. Tom is (my friend.

2. Nobody wants to go to the cinema with me).

3. (My mother’s name is Olya.

4. This pencil belongs to him).

III. Put the following sentences in negative and interrogative forms

1. has Little David broken his toys. Little David hasn’t broken his toys.

2. shall I have done it by that time. I shan’t have done it by that time.

3. will The dog be given some food in ten minutes. The dog won’t be given

4. is Furniture made from wood and plastic. Furniture isn’t made from wood and plastic.

IV. Fill in missing words in the text

Shops and department stores are open every day till 6 o’clock except Sundays. If you can’t go shopping during the day you can make a purchase on Thursday after office hours, as the shops close at 8 o’clock in Oxford street on that day.

There are different kinds of shops in Oxford street: clothes shops and shoe shops, book shops and dress shops. But many people prefer a department store, as it offers almost everything in one building.

V. Complete the sentences

If anybody asks me, A in the storage room.
I would like to put my luggage B for three days.
I shall stay in the hotel C a bathroom for … nights.
I’d like to reserve a single room with D one person
I need a room for E I am in my room.
1 - E 2 - A 3 - B 4 - C 5 - D

VI. Mark one odd word

a). train b). bus c). car d). room
a).compartment b). sleeping-car c). flight d). dining-car
a). rack b). one-way ticket c). return ticket d).through ticket
a). booking-office b). hospital c). departure d). arrival
1 - d 2 - c 3 - a 4 - b


I. Put nouns in brackets in plural form.

1. There are two (boxes on the table.

2. Can you give me some (apples?

3. All the (boys are good sportsmen.

4. There are five (bananas on the (tables.

II. Choose the correct form of the verb to be (am, is, are)

1. I …am twelve years old.

2. Jim and Cathy…are.. at school.

3. The elephants …are.. tired.

4. Mr Cooper is… in the house

III. Put the following sentences in negative and interrogative forms

1. was He listening to the radio. He wasn’t listening to the radio.

2. shall I go to the disco I shan’t go to the disco

3. is This song sung by many people. This song isn’t sung by many people.

4. is She still working in such an hour. She isn’t still working in such an hour.

IV. Fill in missing words in the text

Like in Ukraine, shops and stores in the United States have special names which often do not describe the goods which are being sold. For example, a store named simply “Cathy Jean” may sell shoes, or “Ernie’s Pack N’GO” could be the nameof a supermarket. However, most American stores have large windows with attractive displays showing what is sold in the store.

Another fact about American stores, is the convenience store.

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