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11. Match questions from column 15 with the tags from colomn af. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) They arent doing anything,

2) They havent had anything to do,

3) They have a lot of friends,

4) They dont have any money,

5) They are having a great time,

a) havent they?

b) do they?

c) have they?

d) dont they?

e) arent they

f) are they?

12. Match British variants (15) with their American equivalents (af). There is one extra variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) underground

2) lift

3) flat

4) trousers

5) rubbish

a) pants

b) elevator

c) sidewalk

d) subway

e) apartment

f) garbage


13. Match the countries with their capitals. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) England 2) Canada 3) Australia 4) Scotland 5) The republic of Ireland a) Canberra b) London c) Ottawa d) Dublin e) Washington f) Edinburg



14. Fill in the gaps (15) with given words (af). There is one extra variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) Its important to paper so we can save trees. a) pollute

2) Water is vitally important for life so dont it! b) cut down

3) Never litter in the street, take it to the bin. c) waste

4) Big factories may wide areas around them. d) drop

5) Every year large areas of forest are being for different purposes. e) clean up

f) recycle

15. Match the words from column (15) with the pictures (af). There is one variant (af) you do not need.

1) a volcano

2) an avalanche

3) a nuclear explosion

4) tsunami

5) earthquake

a) b) c)


d) e) f)

16. Put these words in order to make a correct sentence.

1) paper 2) made 3) wood 4) of 5) is


17. Read the text and put the paragraphs (15) in the correct order.


1) The birds were watching all this. They felt sorry for the monkey but there was little they could do for him. One of them said, Brother! Our small nests are not enough to give you shelter. Another bird said, All of us prepared for the rainy season. If you had, you would not be in this piteous situation.

2) On a mango tree in a jungle, there lived many birds. They were happy in their small nests. Before the onset of the rainy season, all the animals of the jungle repaired their homes. The birds also made their homes more secure.

3) It continued raining for many days. One day, a monkey wet in the rain came into the forest. He sat on a branch, shivering with cold, water dripping from his body. The poor monkey tried his best to get shelter, but in vain. The leaves were not enough to save him from the rain. Brrr! It is so cold! said the monkey.

4) How dare you tell me what to do? said the monkey, growling at the bird. The monkey angrily pounced on the birds nest, tore it and threw it on the ground. The bird and her chicks were helpless.

The poor bird thought, Fools never value good advice. It is better not to advise them.

5) Many birds brought twigs and leaves and others wove their nests. We should also store some food for our children, chirped one of the birds. And they collected food, until they had enough to see them through the rainy season. They kept themselves busy preparing for the tough times.

Soon the rain came. It was followed by thunder and lighting. All the animals and birds stayed in their homes.


18. Put these sentences in chronological order.

1) Im going to open my own gallery next year!

2) Before I moved to London I had lived in Russia.

3) I work in an art gallery.

4) I came to the UK eight years ago.

5) I have lived in my little flat in Soho for almost a year now.


19. Put the phrases in order to show the time. Start with the phrase meaning the earliest and move to the phrase meaning the most recent:

1) last Sunday

2) at the moment

3) five years ago

4) previous night

5) last month


20. Put the words in order to make a correct question.

1) really 2) are 3) bad 4) school 5) lunches


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