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11. Complete the dialogue with these phrases. There is one phrase (af) you do not have to use.

Jenny: What do you want to be when you 1) ?

Mark: I want to 2) .

Jenny: Really? What do you 3) for that?

Mark: Well, you have to 4) and you have to be good at 5)

a) Maths and Physics

b) have to do

c) get good school results

d) be a pilot

e) Id like

f) leave school


12. Match the countries with their symbols.

1) The USA

2) Scotland

3) England

4) Wales

5) Northern Ireland

a) b) c)

d) e) f)


13. Match the names from column 15, connected with Paul McCartneys life, with what they mean in column af. There is one extra variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) The Beatles

2) I lost My Little Girl

3) The Quarrymen

4) Yesterday

5) John Lennon

a) Paul McCartneys brother

b) Paul McCartneys first song

c) the band he played in 19571960

d) another member of The Beatles

e) the most famous Beatles song

f) the band he played in 19601970


14. Match the descriptions with the personality adjectives. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) A person is usually happy and smiles a lot. a) honest

2) An person tells you what he/she really thinks. b) organised

3) A person doesnt worry about things. c) nervous

4) An person is tidy and keeps things in order. d) relaxed

5) A person always says please and thank you. e) cheerful

f) polite



15. Match the words from column 15 with the words from column af to make correct phrases. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) win

2) break

3) build

4) tell

5) take

a) a risk

b) a prize

c) a joke

d) a record

e) wonders

f) a house


16. Put these words in order to make a correct question.

1) you 2) have 3) a tiger 4) seen 5) ever


17. Put these events from Paul McCartneys life in chronological order.

1) McCartney meets John Lennon.

2) Pauls mother dies.

3) Paul releases his first solo album.

4) McCartney was knighted for his services to music.

5) He writes a song Freedom as a response to the attack September, 11.


18. Put the questions in the right order to make an interview. Theres one variant (af) that you do not have to use.


- Well, they arent all finished. There is still some work to do you know, the little things you want to change at the last minute.


- Were planning to play them at the concert in London next month.


- Yeah, I love it. Well, not always, you know, there are good and bad days. Sometimes its so easy, but sometimes I just dont have any ideas.


- No, not always. I often go outside and it helps me to create new things.


- well, actually, yes. One of them is called Be ready! and I wrote it after I heard a conversation between two guys.


a) So do you sit at the desk when youre writing?

b) Do you like writing songs?

c) James, tell us about your new songs.

d) Did you write any of the new songs when you were away from your desk?

e) Do any other band members write songs?

f) Great! When can we hear them?


19. Put these words in order to make a correct imperative sentence.

1) put 2) on 3) warm 4) coat 5) your


20. Put the words in order to make a correct sentence.

1) has 2) never 3) he 4) it 5) done


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