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11. Fill in the gaps with one of the variants. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) I am than my brother, but he is older than me.

2) If you want to be healthy, you should eat vegetables

3) I lunch at work all the time.

4) He plays video games, he doesnt have time for them.

5) My brother plays football his friends.

a) together

b) every day

c) taller

d) have

e) with

f) never


12. Match the names of these famous places in London with their pictures. There is picture (af) you do not need.

1) Big Ben

2) Buckingham Palace

3) Hyde Park

4) Big Eye

5) Trafalgar Square

a) b) c)

d) e)



13. Fill in the gaps with one of the variants.. There is one variant (af) you do not have to use.

1) a chair in the room.

2) any geese in the yard, they are all inside.

3) only three sheep in the barn.

4) any lights in the sky, can you see?

5) a tooth on the floor? Gosh!

a) There are

b) There is

c) Is there

d) Are there

e) There isnt

f) There arent

14. Fill in the gaps with one of these words. There is one word (af) you do not have to use.

1) is an animal with a long neck.

2) is a domestic bird.

3) has grey fur and lives in the forest.

4) is a domestic animal that gives milk.

5) has long ears and is scared of wolves.

a) fox

b) hen

c) cow

d) wolf

e) giraffe

f) hare

15. Fill in the gaps with one of these variants. There is one variant (af) you do not need.

1) I completely disagree with you.

2) I never ask for help when I cook,

3) . You can bump your head!

4) Some people think that rock music is too loud, but its the best music in the world!

5) Poetry is literature.

a) Watch out!

b) Youre wrong.

c) as for me

d) a kind of

e) I do it myself.

f) Dont worry.

16. Put these words in order to make a correct sentence.

1) done 2) job 3) the 4) has 5) he


17. Read the text and put paragraphs (15) in order.


1) So Emily and her teacher meet every day after class. They practice together. Emily works hard. Now she knows how to read and write!

2) She doesn't want to tell anyone about her secret. She feels embarrassed. The problem is that if nobody knows about it, there is no one that can help her.

3) Emily doesn't write her homework. When there is an exam she gets sick. She doesn't tell anyone, but the truth is she can't read and write. Emily doesn't remember the letters of the alphabet.

4) Emily is 8 years old. She lives in a big house. She has a huge room. She has many toys and she has a lot of friends. But Emily is not happy. She has a secret.

5) One day, Emily's teacher finds out. She sees that Emily can't write on the board. She calls her after class and asks her to tell the truth. Emily says, "It is true. I don't know how to read and write". The teacher listens to her. She wants to help Emily. She tells her, "That's ok. You can read and write if we practice together".

18. Put these words in order to make a correct question.

1) are 2) where 3) going 4) you 5) tomorrow

19. Put these phrases in order to make a correct question.

1) is 2) a teacher 3) the classroom 4) in 5) there

20. Put these phrases in chronological order.

1) get a mark for your homework

2) write down your homework

3) listen to your homework

4) show your homework

5) do your homework


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