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Ex. 4 Fill in the gaps using the active vocabulary.

Maria Filchenkova

Give synonims to following expressions:

1.)To clean up the debris;

2.) To realign priorities;

3.) At one's disposal;

4.) The use of force;

5.) Retaliation;

6.) A perpetrator;

7.) Determination.

a.) the refusal to let anytvhing stop you from doing what you want to do;

b.) to reconstitute priorities;

c.) the act of force;

d.) to be at bidding;

e.) requital;

f.) to clear away rubbles;

g.) a trespasser;


Ex. 5

Belyakova Nastya,4041

Apalkova Sasha,4041

On the way to nuclear deal

Match the definitions:



1)to be scheduled to 2)verify 3)to constrain 4)transparency 5)breakthrough 6)outmoded 7)to withdraw 8)to abide by 9)notification 10)accord a)to check or to prove that something is true or correct b) to follow a rule, decision, or instruction c) planned to happen at a particular time or day d) an official announcement about something that has happened or will happen e) to limit someone’s freedom to do what they want f)a formal agreement between countries or groups g) the state or quality of being clear or thin enough to see through h) a discovery or achievement that comes after a lot of hard work i) no longer useful, suitable, or relevant j) to no longer take part in something, or to stop someone or something from taking part



Eugenia Mishurova, Ekaterina Mikhailova, Anna Zharavina.

Russians wonder what they’ll <1>. (p. 89)

Disillusionment with Russia’s friendship with the USA has grown <2> as many Russians see <3> gains from the relationship. Russian wants to <4> with the USA, According to analysts and lawmakers, yet <5> say the president has given up too much to an ungrateful Washington.

The doubts about the United States came after a year of <6> change. Russian president Putin was the first world leader to call the American president with <7> after the terrorist attacks. Later, he not only allowed US forces to use bases in Central Asia but also agreed to US <8> from the <9> and to <10> for the former Soviet republics of Lithuania, Latvia and <11>.

He closed Soviet –era bases in Cuba and Vietnam, accepted the <12> of US military advisers to the former Soviet republic of Georgia and swallowed a three-page treaty on <13> instead of the pact he wanted.

In return, as Russians see it, they have received little. Overall, foreign direct <14> has gone down. Soviet debt has not been restructured or forgiven. Russia is no closer to membership in the World Trade Organization.

Now, as Russian policymakers and opinion leaders study the balance sheet, the united States has failed to <15> of a new partnership envisioned following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, particularly in strengthening economic t <16>.

1. 9.

2. 10.

3. 11.

4. 12.

5. 13.

6. 14.

7. 15.

8. 16.


Ex. 7

Ogdonova K., Tsukh V, Shushunova V.

Text: A brief summit; p.p.90-91.

Explain in English: disarmament, collapsing oil prices, to be neglected, negotiation, to take into account, concerns, to unsettle the markets, sharp changes, weapons of mass destruction.




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