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Headway Elementary pronunciation

Side 1 θ ı ə ɛ ʃ ʤ ʧ ŋ ɜ ʒ ɔ υ ⋀ ð ʒ æ

Unit 1 3-a Thirteen - thirty Fourteen - forty Fifteen - fifty Sixteen - sixty Seventeen - seventy Eighteen - eighty Nineteen - ninety     Unit 1 3-b Fifty Thirteen Seventeen Thirty Eighteen Fifteen Ninety Sixteen Fourteen Nineteen Eighty Sixty Forty Seventy Unit 2, 1 [r] Rolls-Royce Right and wrong A red, red rose The River Rhine Rock-and-roll   Unit 2, 2b Professions Hairdresser Engineer Journalist Artist Receptionist Nurse Doctor Director Interpreter Writer    
Unit 2, 3a Hamburger Pitsa Salads Mineral water Coca-cola Unit 2, 3b Chocolate Orange Potato Yogurt Coffee Sandwich Tuna Pepper Chicken Banana       Unit 3, 1a S a.Cups Pens Stamps b. Speaks reads likes c.Anna’s friend Jane’s bag Pete’s mum d. It’s here How’s Andy?   He’s o’key Unit 3, 2 S Kisses Buses Boxes Mixes Washes Pushes Lissie’s???? Houses Matches Churches Pages Oranges Unit 3, 3a Present Ind. a. The bank opens at 9 o’clock. b. He goes to bed at 7 o’clock. c. This office closes at half past two. d. We get up at about 8 o’clock. e. Her plane arrives at 2.15. f.The programme finishes at about 11.30. j. The film starts at half past 8. h. My train leaves at about 11 o’clock.   Unit 3, 3b At 9 o’clock At 2 o’clock At 7 o’clock At 12 o’clock At 3 o’clock At 5 o’clock    
Unit 3, 4 a. Okay? Okay b. Bill. Bill? c. Yes? Yes. d. Coffee? Coffee     Unit 4, 1 a I: I u u: eə See Is Good Too Yes The Unit 4, 1b Speak! Spell. Live. Listen. Look. Do. Leave. Cook Unit 5 1a ə: o: æ⋀ a: o ə: word o: four æ man ⋀ bus a: part o shop Unit 5, 1 b Carpet Lamp Wall Cup Parts Curtain
Unit 5 1 c Flat Bath Garden Living-room Door Cupboard Television Mirror Fridge Cooker Washing-machine Unit 5, 2 a Θ Three Thirty Thousand Thin Theatre ð this that these those there   Unit6 1 b U⋀ i: I æ e Good Wood Gun One Wheel We’ll That Wet U θ ı ə ɛ ʃ ʤ ʧ ŋ ɜ ʒ ɔ υ ⋀ ð ʒ æ Unit 6, 2 Ŋ u: ou ai Wrong Who Whole Two Right Unit 7 1a I i: Sit- sit-seat Hits-hits-heats Bin - been - bean Ship - ship - sheep Hill-heal-heal Lick-lick-leak
Unit 7, 3a Past Indef. T Liked Worked Finished Stopped D Loved Lived Opened Arrived Id Heated Intended Started Ended Unit 7 3 b 1.We like her. We liked her. 2. I love him. I loved him. 3. They hate it. They hated it. Unit 7 3 c a.We arrived on Monday morning. b. It opened at 9 o’clock. c. I finish work on Friday afternoon at 6 o’clock. d. They closed on Monday. e. They start at 8 o’clock. f. The train stopped at midnight.   Unit 7 3 d We arrived on Monday morning. It opened at 9 o’clock. I finished work on Friday afternoon at 6 o’clock. They closed on Monday. They started at 8 o’clock. The train stopped at midnight. Unit 7, 4 b Past Ind. Questions 1.Where were you born? In New-York. 2. When was your sister born? In 1978. 3.When was your birthday? In March. 4 When did her grandfather die? Last year. 5.How old was he? About eighty. 6.Where did you go to University? In London. 7. When did you leave University? In 1993.   Unit 8 1 J John James Jack George July Josef Jess Jenny Unit 8 2 ə: ə work learn girl first nurse world third her heard word Unit 8, 2 b Thursday Person University Germany Saturday Journalist Restaurant Conversation Birthday Journey Hamburger Thirtieth  


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