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Whats Yours is Mine

Around high noon, I opened my eyes and Raphtalia was there waiting for me.

Are we going to the castle town? *Koho*

Ha ha.

Shes coughing once again.

I silently handed her the regular medicine and Raphtalia took it while frowning.

After that it was time to drop by the pharmacy to do some business.

Fumu... the quality of these isn't bad. Yuusha-sama, are you familiar with pharmacology?"

Since I was no longer a stranger to the store, I was able to catch glimpses on some of the medicines production.

No, it was my first time making some yesterday. Compared to selling raw medical herbs, which one is more profitable?"

Thats a difficult question. Although medical herbs are cheaper to use, medicines can usually save lives.

Although the pharmacist frowned when he saw Raphtalia, I knew from observation that he didn't use cheap lies and was speaking honestly.

The price of medicine has skyrocketed recently due to the prophecy, so demand for them is very high right now.


Either risk failing to craft them for better sales, or selling raw materials to their product line directly; it's debatable on which of the two will yield more gold.

However, everything has its own silver lining. Theres no disadvantage in continuing to collect more.

Hey, does this mean youre not coming anymore?

... Didnt I say something along the lines of: For two weeks, I'll be selling medical herbs around town.

The pharmacist understood my answer and looked at me with an odd expression before laughing.

This time around he gave me some hand-me-down equipment and taught me how to use them, taking my medical herbs as his payment while still buying the medicine off me.

I received various tools besides the mortar.

Laboratory equipment like: measuring device, flask, and distiller.

These should last me for quite a while before I have to get some new ones.

Since these used goods were only collecting dust in the warehouse, you wont know when they might break.

I suppose its a good enough set for beginners.

Anyways, with this I'll be able to challenge more formulas.

I just have to dispose of the Balloon skins now.

While on my way to the Balloon buyer, I caught sight of some children from my peripheral vision.

It seemed those Balloon skins that the merchant bought were used as material to make actual, marketable balloons. The children were playing around with one of those as if it was a ball.

Raphtalia was looking at those kids with envy.

Naa[1], whats that?


I pointed at the ball those children were playing with and asked.

Well, that's one of the practical applications of what we do with the Balloon skins.

I see, then can you make another using the goods we're about to sell?"

Eh, well... if you really want one.

We headed over to the buyer to sell our goods and left with money in hand. He then let me have one of the balls that was made from a Balloon skin.


I threw the ball and Raphtalia caught it.

With wide eyes, Raphtalia alternated between the ball and my face several times.

What? You dont want it?

M-, Mhm.

Raphtalia laughed merrily, waving her head around.

She laughed for the first time.

Once were done with todays work, you can go play around with it.


She was somehow very energetic. This is good progress.

Because an energetic Raphtalia will be more beneficial for me.

After that we returned to the forest, exterminating monsters and collecting herbs just like yesterday.

We were able to go in deeper thanks to my enhanced defense.

... Apparently there is a village if we continued to advance into the forest. However, I refused to follow that bitchs advice.

It was profitable and we discovered various things. It was likely due to the fact that we were approaching the foot of the mountain range.

Oh? We've found a new enemy.

An egg-like creature.

This thing looked like it belonged to a branch of the Balloon family.

Were fighting this monster for the first time. I'll be going in first. Once I give you the signal, rush in for the kill.


Thats a good answer.

I charged at the monster; it also noticed me and bared its fangs my way.

Gan!* [3]

It really did no damage. There wasn't any pain or so much as an itch.

Rapharias blade flew through the air and easily impaled it.


We cleared monsters more vigorously compared to yesterday.

An Eggy.[5]

Another one of the earlier enemies.

Followed by a 'Parin*' sound, Eggy crumbled into pieces with egg yolk splattering everywhere when it died.

B-ue[6], this is nasty!

Couldn't the shell be sold? This was such a waste.

It smells rotten so I guess its inedible.

I absorbed the shell pieces into the shield.

Since she got used to it, Raphtalia was able to pierce the Eggy in an experienced manner.

Requirement for Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Egg Shield

True power sealed Equipment bonus: Culinary 1

Another level based skill bonus.

This time was cooking, huh?

We continued hunting the different color variations of this monster.

Requirement for Blue Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Sky Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Blue Egg Shield

True power sealed Equipment bonus: Judgement 1

Sky Egg Shield

True power sealed Equipment bonus: Beginner Cooking Recipes

Weird, it has only been skill bonuses lately.

Does it depend on which type of enemy we defeat?

Oh well, in the meantime I'll just utilize my herb collecting skills more.

The day seemed a little bit longer while up in the mountain.

Still, I was a bit concerned over Raphtalias equipment.

Here are todays results:

Me: Level 8

Raphtalia: Level 7

Damn. She almost caught up to me already.

This was undoubtedly due to Raphtalia dealing the finishing blows.


My stomach's empty...

Raphtalia made a troubled expression as she said this to me.

I guess youre right, lets head back for our meal.

We ended our exploration and headed back to town.

After returning, I sold the Eggy Shells that looked unusable for compounding.

We made 9 silver today, including what we sold this morning.

It was doubtful that we could make much from these shells. However, they were bought from me for an unexpectedly high price.

The medicine and herbs also fetched a good price, making me reconsider what we should eat today.

Well, considering that Raphtalia had been drooling all over the food stalls for awhile now...

I had no intention of pampering her, but she should be rewarded for her good work. So, why not?

Lets drop by, just for today.

Eh? Is it okay?

You wanted to eat here, right?

Raphtalia nodded fiercely at my question.

She had become quite honest.


Shes coughing once again.

I silently handed her a 'regular medicine', then I ordered what looked like hardened mashed potatoes on a skewer from one of the stalls.

Here, you worked hard today.

After swallowing the medicine, Raphtalia happily accepted the skewer I held out and stuffed her face with it.

Thank you!

N-, no prob...

... Im glad that she had become so energetic.

I looked around for a cheap Inn while eating and walking.

Do you want to stay here tonight?


Raphtalia crying all night long was troublesome enough already, please at least spare me the fights with the Balloons.

We went into the Inn.

Upon entering, the Innkeeper blatantly scowled,[7]; however, he instantly switched on his business smile.

There's a chance my companion here will be crying at night, is that alright?[8]

I dangled the Balloon concealed under my cloak threateningly in front of the other party as I asked.

Tha-, thats a bit――

I can count on you, right? We'll be keeping the noise at a reasonable level.

Y-, yes.

Ever since coming to this world, I had learned that blackmailing was an important part of business.

This whole damn country had made me into a target of ridicule; the damn king couldnt even fully comprehend how much damage his actions caused me.

No, even if he did, he would probably say something like 'it couldn't be helped'.[9]

Seriously, all these parallel world elitists.

I paid the fee and then unloaded our luggage inside the room we rented.

Raphtalias eyes sparkled while looking at the ball.

Come back before nightfall. Also, stay as close to the Inn as possible.


Good grief, she really did act like a child her age.

Demi-humans seemed to be the object of contempt, but there shouldnt be any problems if she was seen and treated like an adventurer.

Looking out of the window, I saw Raphtalia playing with her ball. I then did research on more methods of compounding.

Approximately... 20 minutes had passed since then.

That was when I heard a loud, childish scream.

Why is a Demi-human playing in our turf!

What was that? I peered out of the window.

No matter how I look at it, all I saw was some shitty bullies pointing at Raphtalia and harassing her.

Good grief, no matter where you go there will always be these type of kids lurking around the place.

This brat. You have a nice toy, so hand it over.

Eh-, a-, thats...

Raphtalia seemed to be aware of the demi-humans low standing in society. So their reaction wasn't strange to her either.


I went out of the room and headed downstairs.

I told you to hand it over.

N-, no...

These fucking punks were intending to use violence as they encircled the frail and defiant Raphtalia.

Hold it right there, you little shits.

What do you want, old geezer.

Guh, old geezer he says!

Whatever, Im only 20 this year and I don't care about this world's standards for age.

I dont even care if Im an old geezer to them.

What reason do you have for demanding other peoples belongings?

Hah? That isn't your ball, is it?"

Its mine. Im lending it to this girl. If you stole it from her then that means you stole it from me.

Just what are you saying, damn geezer.

Sigh... It seemed they couldn't even understand that much with all the blood rushing into their brains.

Even if he was a kid, I never intended to forgive him. Those that steal from people deserved to be punished.

I see I see, then Ill give you an EVEN BIGGER BALL.

Noticing my demeanor, Raphtalia squeezed out her voice, telling the startled children.

Run away!

However, the eyes of those little shits underestimated me.

I silently snickered deep down while I took out the Balloon that was biting my arm.



The Balloon immediately paid the brat a visit with a bite on his ass.

So kids, that one was a REAL ball, you guys want some too?


That was not a joke. Dumbasses!

Die! Retard!

Ill kick your ass too, you little shit![13]

I turned back towards the Inn with the brats cursing me as they ran away.

Er, umm...

Raphtalia grabbed my mantle.

Oi, theres a Balloon still living in there.

The frightened Raphtalia quickly flinched her hand away, her timid look making me laugh.


What was she talking about?


While stroking Raphtalia's head, we both returned to the Inn.


Translator note

  1. ↑ hey
  2. ↑ definition: yes. Its like hai, just a bit more unrefined and slang-ish but still is polite, usually accompanied with a nod
  3. ↑ sfx, bites your teeth together.
  4. ↑ a variation of Aha!
  5. ↑  エグッグ contact me if you have a better suggestion
  6. ↑ puking/disgusted basically
  7. ↑ tsk tsk tsk, Naofumi, you got charged with rape and now youre booking a room with a tanuki loli, just what are you planning
  8. ↑ Naofumi. Oh Naofumi, you just dug a real large hole there for yourself.
  9. ↑ I fixed it up for some clarity, basically it was saying something along the line of: no, even if he knew about that, it is highly possible that he will just say that he could do nothing but swimming(this is like a proverb in this case) along.
  10. ↑ sfx, sigh
  11. ↑ hes just screaming in pain
  12. ↑ more painful cries
  13. ↑ they are just throwing childish verbal abuses at this point


Chapter 13

: ,


The day died out and the night grew cold; it was about time for Raphtalias stomach to grumble. Leaving the luggage behind at the inn, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

We had some snacks just awhile ago.

Raphtalia got them from an unfamiliar shop, though I had no idea what was so good about them.

Good grief, I needed a way to fatten up my wallet. I guess camping out will be our plan from now on.

So I'll let you eat your fill for now!

Lets see, Delia-set for two people and a Neapolitan[1] please.

After giving the order to our server, our dinner soon arrived.

Lets dig in.


Raphtalia began eating by stuffing food into her mouth with her bare hands again.

Judging from her growth, I would say that she was roughly 10. She had been eyeing my plate, so I went ahead and ordered extra.

Eat up while you can since we'll be camping out from tomorrow onward.


Nodding and eating at the same time is bad table manners. But since shes eating so gratefully, I'll excuse her behavior this time.[3]

After that, we returned to our room where I took note of Raphtalias appearance yet again.

Your hair is a mess, lets trim it a bit.

... Hai.

I patted Raphtalia head with a 'pon*' since she was making an uneasy face.

It'll be fine. I'm not going to give you a weird haircut.

Besides, it was her current appearance that looked weird.

Using a knife, I began trimming off the excessive hair with a gushi*.

I trimmed her hair to about shoulder length before I was done.

Alright, this much should be good, right.

Compared to her old hairstyle, this one was at least more presentable.

With this, she would look quite nice after dressing up.

Raphtalia began twirling around, her face swelling with confidence.[4]

I wonder what she's so happy about.

The shield reacted when I was cleaning up the leftover hair.


I never would have imagined that.


I opened my status to confirm. Though it appeared that my Lvl and Tree[6] were still insufficient.


Crap, she turned around.

Now then, you should hurry up and go to bed.


She was being strangely honest, unlike yesterday.

Well, thats good.

She might weep again, so I busied myself by compounding inside the room.


Nutritional Supplement was created.

Nutritional Supplement Quality Bad -> A Bit Bad A medicine that relieves fatigue, it is also effective as a method of rapidly recovering from malnourishment.

Recovery Potion was created.

Recovery Potion Quality A Bit Bad -> Normal A medicine that treats certain illnesses. It will be less effective against more severe diseases.

Fumu... there are various things that can be made using the mountain and forest herbs.

Because of this, I can trade these at the pharmacy for a splendid sum of money.

It was just that the materials were consumed at a fearsome rate that was borderline hazardous.

Altogether, I made 6 Nutritional Supplements and a few other remedies.

However, it was still very difficult to make high quality medicines; I had no chance of winning against a specialist.

Since I'm the Shield Hero and not a Pharmacist.

... Lets absorb some of them into the Shield then.

The requirement for Calorie Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energy[7] Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energic Shield had been unsealed.

Calorie Shield

True power sealed Equipment Bonus: Stamina Boost (Small)

Energy Shield

True power sealed Equipment Bonus: SP Boost (Small)

Energic Shield

True power sealed Equipment Bonus: Stamina Consumption Decrease (Small)

For the time being, all of them gave status related bonuses.

Just what is stamina anyways? [8] Is it like physical fitness?

It seems that I'll need to experience this for myself.

Next we had the medical herbs, but... I wonder if it'll become more difficult if I continue to recklessly learn more crafting skills.

I want more combat bonuses.

Or maybe it's because I can't meet the unsealing requirement with only the herbs I had collected.

Well, thats fine.


While stretching and preparing to go to sleep, I spotted Raphtalia squeezing her eyes tight. Looks like she wasn't able to get a good night's sleep; that was a sign she was about to weep.


I covered her mouth right before she screamed, then I held her in my arms while gently patting her with a pon pon*. [10]

Phew, I was somehow able to calm her down tonight.

But she would cry her eyes out if I tried to let go of her now.

Guess it cant be helped. Lets sleep together then.


... It felt kind of chilly.

Feeling the sunlight shining on my face, I opened my eyes.

Raphtalia, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, was trembling in a corner of the room.

Whats wrong?

Gomennasai gomennasai, gomennasai gomennasai![11]

I furrowed my eyebrows at Raphtalia who was desperately muttering apologies; I could roughly guess the reason due to this damp chilliness which was coming from underneath me. I see... Raphtalia wet the bed.


She thought I would be angry.

I had never heard of a 10 year old wetting the bed, but there was no way I could be angry after looking at those frightened eyes of hers.

I went over to Raphtalia.

I reached my hand out, startling Raphtalia as she curled herself up into a ball and shielded her head.

Good grief...

I used that hand to pat the shoulder of a trembling Raphtalia.[13]

Wetting the bed wasnt something that you can control, right? Come now, hurry up and undress so you can wash yourself up.

She'll need a spare change of clothes too, I suppose.


Raphtalia looked at me with a mystified expression.

Youre not angry?"

How could I lash out at someone who's been regretting their actions? You reflected on what you did, so I'm not angry.

The sheet was stained. I wondered how much I'll have to pay the Innkeeper... we'll keep it as a piece of cloth for the time being.

After that, I explained the situation to the Innkeeper, paid for the damages, and then rushed off to buy some spare clothes from the Weapon Shop.

Although the well water was a bit cold, I washed the sheet clean and packed it in our luggage bag.

It seemed like a great idea to dry this sheet by tying it on a branch and hanging it as we walk through the meadow.

Now then.

It's getting a bit irritating to walk with Raphtalia, who continues apologizing.

I told you not to worry about it!

... Hai.

Haa... She really was an obedient child.

However, it would also be troublesome for me if she had no motivation.


Raphtalias stomach grumbled again.

Oh, and her face was flushed with shame.

I guess it's about time for breakfast.


Raphtalia walked besides me while holding onto the hem of my shirt.


Alright then, you'll need to take this medicine as punishment.

I handed a recovery potion over to Raphtalia.

It seems like a persistent illness, one which required a regular intake of medicine, so this is exactly what she needs.

Raphtalias face turned extremely sour after just a sniff. However, she was very enthusiastic about drinking it since this was her punishment.

Uwaa... So bitter...

Just bear with it.


Raphtalia, who finished drinking the whole thing, had a blenched face and looked about ready to vomit.

By the way, that compounded medicine seemed to fetch a good price. But since the quality was poor, the intensive taste was even worse.


Translator note

  1. ↑ ナポラータ Im pretty sure I got the name right, but since Im not a food enthusiast, please correct me if Im wrong
  2. ↑ she said hai while chewing
  3. ↑ lit trans: I wanted to tell her to choose between eating and nodding -> sounds awkward so I rephrased it
  4. ↑ literally meant new self with a new image
  5. ↑ sucking/absorbing sfx
  6. ↑ as in evolve tree, just to clarify things
  7. ↑ one of them is エナジー, pronounce enajii, another is エネルギー, pronounce enerugii. Contact me if you can somehow provide us with a good pair of names for these 2 shields
  8. ↑ do note that stamina was written in romaji-english in the Japanese version.
  9. ↑ a sound Naofumi let out when he stretched
  10. ↑ I liked the sfx from the original version so I tried my best with fit it in o3o
  11. ↑ gomennasai = Im sorry
  12. ↑ sfx for sigh
  13. ↑ Raphtalia-tan moe.
  14. ↑ sfx for swallowing liquid.


Chapter 14

: ,

Taking a Life

Exiting the meadow, we arrived along the fringe land between the mountain and forest.

Raphtalias fighting style had greatly improved thanks to her experience, and her movements were more skillful too.

Our herb collecting was going well. Monsters steadily kept on coming and provided us with exp, while our luggage was being overstuffed with all the item drops.

But then 'it' happened.

Before we had only fought fable-like monsters. But now we had finally encountered our first animal class creature.

A one-headed... chestnut rabbit?


Thats a weird name.


The Usapiru spotted our presence and leaped at us, attacking with its huge buck teeth.

Watch out!

It targeted Raphtalia after judging she was weaker.

I jumped out to protect her like usual.

Chomp! Chomp![3]

It seemed that my defensive power was still higher than its attack.

Alright! Stab it.

A... Aah...

Whats wrong?

A, a living thing, will, will have blood, right..?

I was barely able to make sense of Raphtalias stuttering words.

Deal with it, we'll be fighting these kind of enemies from now on.


Chomp! Chomp!

Usapiru repeatedly bit me with its teeth.

Brace yourself and bear with it. Or else you'll become too much of a burden that I'll have to abandon you.

Thats right. Even if shes my cherished slave; if she cant fight then she isn't needed.

I'll just have to visit that perverse slave dealer and buy another slave, one who can fight properly.

N-, no!

Frightened with her eyes shut tight, Raphtalia stabbed the Usapiru multiple times with her knife.

Blood began spewing after she pulled her weapon out.


The Usapiru died with a thud and laid motionless on the ground.

Raphtalia stared at her own knife while trembling, the scene thoroughly burnt into her eyes.

Her complexion pale, she looked as if she wanted to escape from all of this.

However, we mustn't feel any remorse.

Because we'll be fighting monsters like this again and again for hundreds, even thousands of times.


Another Usapiru appeared out of a bush and it leaped at Raphtalia, trying to bite her.


I immediately prevented the attack by jumping in between the two.


... Sorry. To be honest, I had to push you. Because I can't do anything but protect others. So I have no choice but to leave you with all the dirty work.

The Usapiru was chewing on my arm while I told this to Raphtalia.

There's no other alternative but for me to grow stronger. For that purpose, I need your help.

If I dont, then there won't be a future for me. The time limit is fast approaching and the waves of disaster will soon appear.

I had no confidence in my survival with how things stood now.

... But...

Within one week, a world-ruining wave will spawn."


Because of that, I want to become stronger, even if it's only a little bit.

Raphtalia was trembling as she listened to me.

Are you... fighting against that disaster?

Haha, I was told that this was my role. So I'm not doing it because I want to... Guess we're similar in that regard. I was forced to defend against the wave; there's no sense of obligation or duty in it for me."


So, please try to understand that I don't want us going our separate ways.

Having to raise another slave will definitely be a waste, and sending her back into that cage won't make me feel good about myself either.

But unfortunately, I have no money. If I want to buy a new slave, then I'll have to sell her.

... Understood. Goshujin, -sama, I... will, fight.

Color gradually returned to her pale face. She slowly nodded her head and thrust her blood-stained knife at the Usapirus vital point.

For some reason, her demeanor was the polar opposite of what she was like before, her eyes now shined with determination.

At the sight of the Usapiru squirming and convulsing, Raphtalia silently closed her eyes.

Then a moment later, she changed her grip on the knife and began skinning the rabbit.

Let me do that. I dont want you handling all the grunt work.


I took out a knife used for dismantling, and with that the body of the Usapirus was soon dismembered.

This is reality, not a game.

It was understandable for someone to want to look away.

But after killing a living creature for the first time, I truly understood what it means to be alive in this world.

With the Usapirus blood staining my hand, I was able to understand what Raphtalia had just gone through.

I dismantled both rabbits and absorbed the pieces into the shield.

The requirement for Usa Leather Shield[4] has been unsealed.

The requirement for Usa Meat Shield[5] has been unsealed.

Usa Leather Shield

True power sealed...Equipment bonus: 3 Agility

Usa Meat Shield

True power sealed...Equipment bonus: Dismantling Techniques 1

I equipped the latter shield then stood up.

Goshujin, -sama. Please, dont abandon me.[6]

Raphtalia begged me while raising her face.

She probably hated the mere thought of going back to that place, where she cried at night and was sick and famished.

Without proper care, she'd probably die in there. That would certainly leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Although I'd love to imagine ridiculing that bitch until the climax of her death, it would be impractical for it to actually happen. [7]

Youve properly fulfilled your role, so I wont abandon you.

Besides, I would be troubled if Raphtalia were to die.

But then again... That's right. She's a creature of the similar gender just like that bitch... the exact same as that bitch!

I shook my head repeatedly.

I need to stop thinking like this. It's bad for my heart.

Right now, I have to find a way to grow stronger with this slave of mine, even if just a little.

EXP 7 x 2

I want to, lend my strength, to goshujin, -sama, desu.[8]

From then on, Raphtalia was unbelievably enthusiastic about charging in and skewering the monsters which appeared.

Someone who I always needed to keep safe was now being so aggressive without any inhibitions.

This was some good development, but it seemed like... she was motivated for the wrong reasons.

The way I handled matters could never be praised.

It was entirely for self-interest.

But still... these sort of things needed to be done no matter what.

When the evening came, we decided to rest within the forest. For that purpose we found a spacious area, lit some firewood, and began setting up camp.

We made a stew out of the Usapirus meat and edible herbs which we collected.

The remaining meat was grilled over the campfire.

Although our plan was to return back to town by tomorrow evening, we have no concrete proof that the monsters meat will even sell.

Since I was a bit skeptical, I used the Judgement skill to identify the food and see if it was safe to eat.

I cut a piece of the cooked meat to confirm that there was nothing wrong with it. But I still had no idea what it tasted like.

They were just grilled and boiled so it couldn't be considered a proper cuisine.

I also activated my cooking skill, and the quality turned from normal to a tad good. So they shouldnt taste terrible either.

Here, eat up.

Raphtalia then began devouring the cooked stew and grilled meat.

O-, Oishii![9]

Her stomach grumbling in anticipation a little while ago, Raphtalia heartily ate with shining eyes.

After todays fights, I became a Lvl 10 and Raphtalia also became a Lvl 10.

She finally caught up with me.

Oh well, it couldnt be helped.

I started compounding under the light of the campfire.

Our immediate goal is to gradually save up money, then to gear ourselves up. Which is why I'll trying to create the most expensive medicine in order to sell it.

grind grind grind [10]

I grounded the medical herbs with the mortar, then mixed the extracts together before transferring the solution into the beaker.

Recovery Potion was made.

Nutritional Supplement was made.

Again, these recipes were ones which I had already discovered.

This was the limit of Simple Compounding Recipes 1. Even though these two drugs were miracles made earlier from other intuitions.

The shields power - which was fueled by an eternal torch that will-, who am I kidding -[11] of compounding had reached its limit.

Basically, most of the qualities were somewhat bad.

... Ah chou*

Did the effect of the medicine run out?

I silently passed her a recovery potion, and Raphtalia drank it while frowning.

Anyways, in order to acquire new sources of income, we will need to grow stronger.

I'll watch over the campfire, you go ahead and sleep. So yeah... I'll wake you up after awhile.


She was strangely obedient. One could see a huge difference between this and our first meeting.

Good night.

Haha, pleasant dreams. Oh right, we'll be selling those tomorrow. So go ahead and use the fur as a blanket.

I passed Raphtalia the fur, which was fumigated while I was cooking in order to drive away fleas.

It was a little small, but it should keep the body warm after bundling yourself up, right?


Raphtalia frowned a bit after sniffing the furs scent.

Is it smoky?

Yes. It's very smoky.

I thought so.

But, it looks very warm.

Raphtalia snuggled up to me, leaned against my back, and closed her eyes.

Oh well, this was fine.

I continued to make medicine and threw more wood into the campfire, just waiting for the moment when Raphtalia would began shrieking like a banshee.

... sigh.

I wondered how long this lifestyle would continue.

It might only last for one week more, huh.

Although I shouldnt be thinking about dying anytime soon, I should always be prepared for that possibility.

... Its about time. Since we've been together for three days, I could somehow sense when she was about to make another uproar.


Raphtalia gently rubbed her eyes and slowly got up.

Are you awake?

She didn't scream.

Ah, I see. It was because she was contently sleeping against my back.

It may be a trauma, but it seems like she'll be fine if there's another persons warmth besides her while she slept.


... My stomach's empty.

She got hungry again right after the feast she just ate.

Hai hai.

I gave Raphtalia the grilled meat which was meant to be reserved for tomorrow's breakfast.

Raphtalia delectably stuffed her mouth full of the meat.

Well then, I'll be going to sleep now. Wake me up if anything happens.


Raphtalia nodded while munching her food.

Good grief, she became a lot more energetic. But look at how much of a glutton she turned into.


Translator note

  1. ↑ ウサピル Usapiru, a combination of ウサギ (rabbit)and ピル (pill).
  2. ↑ sound that a rabbit make, I have idea what its English counterpart is.-ED- I dont think it's necessary to find English equivalence of this.
  3. ↑ ga-in ! ga-in! another sfx, made by biting your teeth together
  4. ↑ rabbit leather shield
  5. ↑ rabbit meat shield
  6. ↑ Raphtaria-tan moefic. End of discussion.
  7. ↑ Naofumi still thinks that Raphtalia is the substitute representation of zee bitch
  8. ↑ these broken up lines are intended, please dont change the broken-ness(?)
  9. ↑ De-,delicious! -ED- Oishii is not that moe so perhaps later occurences can be translated properly without this kind of footnote?
  10. ↑ gori gori gori, sfx.
  11. ↑ from whichkidding was a joke in Japanese(tried to translate it to the best of my ability). Before anyone ask this: eternal torch was translated from付け焼刃 which was付け (eternal) + 焼 (scorching) + 刃(blade) with焼刃can be a slang for torch. Basically Naofumi became frustrated and turned delusional for a moment there


Chapter 15

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