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Questions: ambitious people. Answer these questions in writing

Summary 2-31







1. When somebodys actions make you angry (chomping, driving slowly, snoring) it means that this person you.

2. If you want to do something but you dont know if you can do it or not, you ask for (# Can I open the window, please? # Can I eat this cake?..)

3. This is underwear that only women wear.

4. This verb means that you want to become a member (, ) of an organization or a club.

5. You are eating strawberry jam and it suddenly falls on your jeans. Now you have a on your jeans.

6. When the person you love very much goes to another city you him/her: you think about this person all the time and sometimes you even cry.

7. Not guilty.

8. The process of travelling from one place to another.

9. When something happens very fast and sometimes makes you scared.



how ambitious are you?


1. In twenty years do you hope to a have enough money just to pay your bills b have quite a lot of money and a well-paid job have a lot of money
2. Here is the list of ten jobs. Which would you like to do? Choose one which would be the best for you. nurse, accountant, teacher, politician, police officer, actor / actress / pop star, builder, journalist, artist, engineer
3. Is improving your standard of living very important to you? Yes No
4. Do you think people who have money should help people who dont have money? Yes No
5. How old do you want to be when you have children? (if you have children, what is the best age to your mind) a 18-22 27-30 b 23-26 d over 30
6. When you are playing a game, do you always want to win? Yes No
7. Can you tell a white lie? Yes No
8. Do you think that rich people are happier and more interesting than other people? Yes No
9. Do you work hard because you want to be successful? Yes No
10. If you have a job to do, do you do it immediately, or do you wait until the last moment? immediately last moment
11. Would you like to have more money than your parents? Yes No
12. Do you agree with the philosophy Every man for himself Yes No
13. Do you like hard work which takes a lot of time and energy? Yes No
14. Which of the following is most important for you now? You can choose only one. love wealth health


1 a 0 b 5 c 10

2. 0 nurse/artist first

2 builder/police officer/teacher/journalist first

5 engineer/actor/ actress/pop star first

10 politician/accountant first

3. yes 10 no 0 4. yes 0 no 10 5. a 0; b 2; c 5; d 10;

6. yes 10 no 0 7. yes 10 no 0 8. yes 10 no 0

9. yes 10 no 0 10. immediately 10 last moment 0;

11.yes 10 no 0; 12.yes 10 no 0

13. yes 10 no 0 14. love 0 money 10 health 0

Your result

0-40 You arent very ambitious! Youre happy with a quiet life

40-90 Youre quite ambitious, but you dont want to work too hard!

over 90 Youre very ambitious! Good luck and try to be nice to people!


Practice homework for the

1) Get ready to answer orally these questions about Your Present Life(What do you like about your life today most of all? What do you dislike about your life today? What are some of your favorite things to do now? Who or what is your favorite entertainer () now? What did you use to like when you were a child?)

Questions: ambitious people. Answer these questions in writing

- Are you an ambitious person? Why? - Are you hard working? Do you work hard because you want to be successful? - How do you see your future life? - Is money very important to you? Why? - Can you fall in love with a very poor person? - What is the perfect age to get married and have children?


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