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Seasons and Weather, Climate

As we know the weather depends on the season and the climate of the country, and the latter depends on the geographical position of the country.
Ukraine has a moderate-continental climate.
England has a rather damp climate due to the effect of the warm current of the Gulf-Stream. The British Isles are surrounded by the ocean and have an insular climate.
The USA has an equable continental climate, except for Florida and the Mexican coast, where the climate is tropical and subtropical.

The weather changes with the changing of the season. Consider autumn, for example. In autumn the sky is often cloudy. The sun is not so bright now as it was in summer. The air is moist. Days get shorter and the nights longer. As a matter of fact, I don’t like rain of any kind, even if it just drizzles. But there is a spell of sunny weather in late September, which we call Indian summer, when the sun shines brightly, the sky is rather cloudless and there is a carpet of multicolored leaves on the ground.In our country autumn is really golden, as the poets have sung it. But in any case, nature begins to fade away. Later the frost will cover the ground at night and remind us about winter coming. As for me, I am not fond of autumn, but there are a lot of people trying to look at the reverse side of the medal. Strange as it may seem, they prefer autumn to any other season. As they say, it is the time of harvest, tasty fruit and vegetables, the time of beautiful golden leaves, the time when nature is very attractive. But many men – many minds.

In winter the sun shines rarely and its rays are pale, it sets early and rises late. The air is frosty, hard frost sets in, large snowflakes slowly fall to the ground, the streets are slippery with ice. The rivers and lakes are covered with thick sheet of ice, they are frozen. The icicles glitter in the sun, the temperature falls and the snow may fall thick. Some people are fond of winter. They consider winter to be the healthiest season. In winter we can go skating, skiing, tobogganing. It is a good time for making a snow man and to throw snowballs.

By the end of the winter the temperature rises and the snow begins to melt. Thaw sets in. the sun grows warmer and soon there won’t be any ice but plenty of water. The rivers are in flood.
Nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The birds come back from the warm lands, the trees begin to bud and soon tiny green leaves will appear. Thin new blades of grass come up, the fruit trees begin to blossom. “April showers bring May flowers”, as the proverb goes. Everything looks magic covered with green carpet. The farmers till the soil and sow the seed. We are all welcomed and advent of spring. Nature looks full of promise. Spring is the season of hopes, it’s the season of revival of nature and people’s dreams. It’s my favourite season, I must admit.

After spring the summer comes. People usually like summer, because they have their holidays. It’s a good time for going to the seashore or a river beach, to bask in the sun, to become sunburnt, to swim, to pick berries and mushrooms, to gather flowers. We try to spend much time out-of-doors. But the weather is changeable in summer. It is the time of showers, rains and thunderstorms. The days become longer and the nights shorter. We can enjoy resting after hard work during the whole year.

To cut the long story short, I must confess that every season is beautiful and attractive in its own way. And as one of the famous poets says, “I see no reason to speak in prize of any season”.

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