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Mark the correct answer(s) to each multiple choice question and formulate an answer where applicable.


1. Which of the following statements about English grammar is correct?

a. Grammar mainly studies the lexical meaning of words.

b. A grammatical element has only the form.

c. A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of language.

d. Grammatical meaning is specific and unique in each word.


Your answer: ________________


2. What do we call the traditional subdivision of grammar which studies sentences and the principles and processes by which sentences are constructed?


Your answer: ________________


3. By which means is grammatical meaning typically expressed in synthetical languages?

a. Inflectional morphemes

b. Lexical suffixes

c. Prefixes

d. Auxiliary words


Your answer: ________________


4. Which of the following is NOT the category of the English noun?

a. Person

b. Number

c. Voice

d. Case


Your answer: __________________


5. Which type of the grammatical category is presented by the following opposition?

I understand—I am understood


Your answer: __________________


6. Identify the part of speech in the sentence:

“He almost immediately apologised to us.”

“Immediately” is…


Your answer: __________________


7. In the following text define the class of the noun “Cacao”:

a. Abstract noun

b. Proper noun

c. Material noun

d. Collective noun

Cacao has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Mexico, Central America and Northern South America.


Your answer: __________________


8. What kind of reference is implied for the word in bold (generic, specific definite or specific indefinite)? Which article should be used with it (a/an, the, or zero)


Atlantis is … world’s most expensive hotel.


Your answer: __________________


9. Is the verb “to be” in this sentence an auxiliary, link or modal verb?

“He was arguing with her loudly.”


Your answer: __________________


10. Find the two finite verbs in the text below and define their tense forms.

We will have been driving for fifteen hours by the time we get to Los Angeles.


Your answer: __________________


11. Find the verb in the subjunctive mood

But the most drastic demand the new owner made was that half the workmen be discharged at once.


Your answer: __________________


12. Find the non-finite form of the verb (as an independent element of the sentence) and identify its type (gerund, infinitive or participle)

He pretended to have forgotten my name.


Your answer: __________________


13. Find a predicative construction with a verbal in the following sentence. Write it out as “nominal element + verbal element”

They wanted the Committee convened over the weekend.


Your answer: __________________


14. Find the examples of phrases of the stated type in the following sentence.

A joke is a very serious thing. (Noun phrase with attributive subordination)


Your answer: __________________


15. Identify the subject in the following sentence.

Working in the theatre has a lot in common with unemployment. (Arthur Gingold)


Your answer: __________________


16. Identify the function (role) of the underlined phrase in the following sentence.

a. Subject

b. Predicate/Part of the predicate

c. Attribute

d. Adverbial modifier

e. Object

At the top of the stairs she paused to wave to him.


Your answer: __________________


17. Which of the sentences below is a complex sentence?

a. Friends may come and go, but enemies accumulate.

b. Read the best books first or you may not have a chance to read them all.

c. Having been betrayed before, he did not believe her words.

d. If being an idiot hurt, you'd be in constant pain.


Your answer: __________________


18. Identify the subordinate clause in the following sentence and write it out.

The perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything is a burglar alarm


Your answer: __________________


19. Provide an example of an elementary sentence with the structure SVC (Subject – Verb – Compliment).


Your answer: __________________


20. Find at least one example of the following lexical and grammatical means of establishing cohesion in the text below: find an example of substitution by deictic means.

A new hearing device is now available for some hearing-impaired people. Like other aids, it converts sound into vibrations. But it is unique in that it can transmit the vibrations directly to the magnet and then to the inner ear. This produces a clearer sound. The new device will not help all hearing-impaired people; it will probably help no more than 20 percent of all people with hearing problems.


Your answer: __________________




1. Ñ

2. Syntax

3. A

4. Ñ

5. Voice

6. Adverb

7. Ñ

8. The – specific definite reference

9. Auxiliary

10. Will have been driving – future perfect continuous; get – present indefinite

11. Be discharged

12. To have forgotten – infinitive

13. The Committee + convened

14. Serious thing

15. Working in the theatre

16. D

17. D

18. who has everything

19. e.g. Mary is nice

20. it (is unique)…


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