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I have fewer pounds than Mr. Alaa

تستخدم too قبل many / much / little /few بمعنى أكثر او أقل من اللازم

There is too much noise, so I can’t study.

أسماء لا تعد uncountable nouns وهى أسماء ليس لها جمع فى اللغة وتعمل معاملة المفرد دائما:

oil – water – milk – sugar – salt – tea – coffee – peace – love – money – homework – space – furniture – information – music – noise – chocolate



1) Choose the correct answer:

1- I was prepared for the exam, so I wasn’t (cheerful – pleased – happy – upset).

2- Not everybody agrees. Some (accept – allow – disagree – remember) for good reasons.

3- There was traffic (movement – passage – jam – transport), so we were late for work.

4- The opposite of "better" is (less – worse – more – uglier).

5- In my (mind – opinion – sight – thought), more and more desert land should be reclaimed.

6- We’d rather (spent – spending – to spend – spend) the weekend in the zoo than in the park

7- Sorry, I haven’t got (many – a lot – much – some) information about life in Italy

8- We can’t accept your invitation. We have got (too much – a lot of – any – too little) free time today.

9- Salaw was (busy – free – late – annoyed) because Mona didn’t attend her wedding party.

10- He felt (cheerful – interested – hungry – disappointed) when he failed the final exams.

11- The opposite of "disappointed" is (hopeless – hopeful – honest – horrible).

12- I’m afraid I didn’t (make – get – do – keep) well in the job interview.

13- There were too (much – few – a lot of – many) people at the meeting and the hall was very crowded.

14- The test was very difficult, so (much – a lot of – a few – a little) students were able to pass.

15- The information you have given to me (are – were – has been – have been) very useful.

16- She was very upset (from – with – in – about) the bad results of her son in the test.

17- We still had too (many – much – few – little) time before we left the station, so we weren’t in a hurry.

18- I can’t buy new shoes because I have got too (little – much – few – many) money.

19- Most books are made of (papers - paper – a paper – the papers).

2) Write what you would say in each of the following situations:

1- Your classmate thinks that there is too much pollution in Cairo.You have the same opinion.

2- You can’t answer a friend’s invitation to the theatre.

3- Your big brother says that children should play all the time. You don’t agree.

4- You tell a friend what you think of the English language.

5- You ask your friend about his impression of yesterday’s match.


3) Read the following passage, then answer the questions:

Science has always played an important part in our life. It has increased our knowledge about everything around us. How? Every now and then, there are new inventions that help us find out secrets we didn’t use to know.

The compass helps people who travel by sea, though the desert or by plane to know directions, north, south, east and west. The telescope has revealed the wideness and the beauty of the universe. We, now, know plants and stars that were unknown before. The microscope helps scientists and doctors see very tiny things such as bacteria. Recently,

Professor Ahmed Zwail has made a great discovery, the femto second, a very small portion of time. It will help a great deal in achieving advances in all fields of life.

A) Answer the following questions:

1- What’s the use of the compass?

2- How has the telescope revealed the universe?

3- What’s the name of Professor Zwail’s discovery?

B) Choose the correct answer:

1- The underlined word, "it" refers to (the compass – the telescope – science – the microscope).

2- The microscope helps us to see (people – plants – bacteria – planes).

3- The underlined word, "tiny" means (high – very big – very small – wide).

4) Read and correct the underlined words:

1- She didn’t real have a good day.

2- They are poor and have a few furniture.

3- My grandma died in the age of seventy.

4- They come from different country.


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