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Find these expressions in the text and explain their meaning.


come to the forefront, breakneck speed, keep pace with, acquired predominance, inculcate fear, definition was crafted, it rates a mention, is not ingrained within, preponderance of the worst-off, breeding grounds, is doomed to, dead-end jobs, upward mobility, vent their anger against, the bottom line, wreak havoc, harness modern technology, inflict evil, sacred right, ranks higher, territorial integrity, gain priority over, trapped itself in a tight corner, natural calamities, stick to the opinion, imposition of added security, bridge the widening social and cultural gap, combating terrorism, military retaliation.

Match the following words with their definitions.

1. instance 2. atrocious 3. massacre 4. intimidate 5. paramount 6. resentment 7. degenerate 8. nurture 9. emanate 10. convert 11. delusion 12. vigilance a. more important than all others b. come from a particular place c. example d. cruel e. become worse f. provide the necessary conditions for something to develop g. killing of a lot of people h. make someone frightened especially so that they will do what you want i. change your beliefs or persuade someone to do it j. in idea that is not true k. anger and unhappiness caused by unfair treatment l. careful observation

Match the pairs of antonyms.

1. eliminate 2. thrive 3. calculated 4. erroneous 5. exodus 6. disenchantment a. influx b. fascination c. whither d. spontaneous e. create f. correct

Answer the questions.

- Why isnít the theory ready to define the nature of terrorism?

- Why is it wrong to classify wars and atrocious regimes as terrorism?

- When did terrorism appear?

6. Do you agree with the writerís stance on the following issues:


 roots of terrorism;

 unchangeable essence of terrorism;

 measures to forestall international terrorism?

E. Group Discussion. Brainstorm Ideas.


● The article touches upon social apartheid and ethnical labor division in many countries. Can our country survive without immigrants? What kind of jobs do they usually take? Do they have chances for upward mobility? What conditions do they live in? What can be done to integrate them into society? What are the ways to combat illegal immigration? Are they really necessary?

F. Vocabulary in Focus

1. Read the following sentence from the text paying special attention to the word in the italics. What is its meaning?


In a world of inequality there will always be the disadvantaged, those that seek territorial superiority, or want to convert us to their beliefs.

Match the words, characterizing peopleís beliefs, with their explanations.


adherent (of) someone with strong unreasonable beliefs, thinking that the others are wrong
convert (to) someone who has extremely strong beliefs, especially religious or political
radical a supporter of extreme political change, either of a left- or right-wing nature
reactionary a person who supports a particular idea or party
bigot someone who has taken on a new set of beliefs
zealot someone opposed to change or new ideas

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