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INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE -- Sample activities, strategies, and opportunities.


6. Intercultural competence what works best whether doing assignments outside class or working without an instructor
a. Developing cultural competence during formal instruction
Doing cultural activities in the textbook thoroughly
Going beyond assignments in the textbook
Participating in activities of a language club or association
Doing required activities in the media or language learning center
Going beyond required activities in the language learning center
Other: ______________
b. Developing cultural competence while in the target culture
Listening to radio or television in the local language during personal or professional travel.
Reading tourist information and other materials in the local language during personal or professional travel.
Writing personal reflections on the local culture, whether in English or in the local language, during personal or professional travel.
Speaking with native speakers about their culture, in English or in the local language, during personal and professional travel.
c. Reflecting on other cultures, making connections, doing comparisons, and considering target language communities
Reflecting on differences between your culture and a target culture, whether you are reading a book at home or traveling abroad.
Reflecting on how your knowledge of a target culture can be helpful in connections to your personal or professional interests.
Reflecting on how your language and its views of the world compare with the views presented by other languages.
Reflecting on the communities where a target language is spoken, along with its values and beliefs.
Other ____________
d. Seeking opportunities to develop cultural competence
Taking a course on intercultural communication
Attending lectures and events that build knowledge about other cultures
Study abroad options
Professional travel abroad
Community activities
Internships or cooperative education experiences
Exploring internet sites
Participating in international chat rooms
Pursuing personal interests using international Web sites
Pursuing professional interests that require use of a target language
Other: _________________


MY REFLECTIONS ON INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE. To improve my knowledge of other cultures I find the following most effective:


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