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The features of Standard configuration of NAVIGAT X MK 1

Digital Marine Gyrocompass System NAVIGAT X MK 1

With an eye on the fast approaching shipboard navigation and control system technologies of the 21st century, Sperry Marine has created a generation of advanced marine gyrocompasses: NAVIGAT X MK 1. The first of its type to be designed as a single unit (fig.4.8) and of unparalleled compactness in a polyurethane hard foam housing, is of low weight and allows this gyrocompass to be installed on any bridge, from large yachts to the most capacious merchant marine vessels.

Ship's cables are connected directly to terminals within the housing, facilitating installation. All electronic components are plug-in modules, thus providing fast and easy service. Digital heading information is derived as an absolute value from a 12 bit shaft encoder. The NAVIGAT X MK 1 has a control and display unit 1 with 4-digit heading display and 6 operating keys, installed in the front access cover. When required, the control and display unit can be removed from the housing and installed at a location (e.g. bridge console) remote from the gyrocompass.



Linear mean settle  
point error < 0.1 secant latitude
Static error < 0.1 secant latitude
Dynamic error < 0.4 secant latitude



NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 7 90
NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 10 40


24 VDC (18 V to 36 V)
115/230 VAC 10% 50 Hz / 60 Hz
The single unit gyrocompass includes automatic switchover to 24 V emergency power supply in accordance with GMDSS Rules for INMARSAT/SES Terminals.


NMEA 0183 12 outputs of gyrocompass heading, magnetic compass heading and rate of turn to serial repeaters and universal digital repeaters
NMEA 0183 2 outputs of gyrocompass heading, magnetic compass heading, rate of turn, position, speed, status information
RS 422 3 outputs of gyrocompass heading, magnetic compass heading, rate of turn, position, speed, status information
RS 422 FAST 1 output of gyrocompass heading, magnetic heading and rate of turn
RS 422 SUPER FAST 1 output of gyrocompass heading, magnetic heading,rate of turn, status information
RS 422 1 output to Voyage Data Printer: heading, rudder angles, time, date, heading source, steering mode, speed, position
6 steps/ 2 outputs of heading. Internal supply 24 VDC, 18 W; external supply 12 VDC to 70 VDC; min. 6 step motors each
Rate of turn 1 selectable output of 30, 90 and 300/min or customized 0.1 to 999.9 mV//min ( 10 V, 10 mA)
Status signals 1 Gyro1/Gyro2/Magnetic
Alarm signals 1 watch alarm, heading diff. alarm, general and power failure alarm



Position 1 NMEA 0183
Speed 1 NMEA 0183 or 200 pulses/nm
Rudder angle 2 analogue from feedback unit
time constant 1 from external selector
heading from fluxgate 1 sine and cosine
Electronic compass 1 NMEA 0183
Steering mode status 1 Man/Auto from selector
External heading source 1 Gyro/Mag; G1/G2 from selector


Ambient temperature range operation -10C to +55C storage -25C to +70C (without supporting fluid)
Settling time < 3 hours (0.7)
Maximum deviation after a power interruption of 3 min. < 2
Heading display digital with 4 digits
Follow-up rate Gyrocompass . > 100/sec
Power failure alarm visible and audible and potential-free contact, max. current 2 A, max. voltage 250 V
Mean time between failure 40,000 hours (MTBF)
North speed error correction standard: static, input NMEA 0183 or manual optional:dynamic, input NMEA 0183 or manual
Built-in test equipment standard


Start-up 80 W 125 VA
Operation 45 W 75 VA
Each analogue repeater 7 W 7 VA
Each universal digital repeater 7 W 7 VA


DIMENSION 404x420x520 mm
WEIGHT NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod 10 25 kg


The features of Standard configuration of NAVIGAT X MK 1

  • Comprises one single unit
  • Control and display unit in front cover with 4-digit heading display an 6 operating keys
  • Easy to install and easy to service
  • High-speed follow-up system 100 / sec.
  • Rate of turn output
  • Automatic static north speed error connection
  • Integrated Transmitting Magnetic Compass (TMC) interface
  • Compass monitor function
  • Highly accurate digital heading data transmission by shaft encoder
  • Self-synchronizing repeater compasses
  • +/- 180 lignment error corection in setup program
  • Will drive a maximum of 12 analogue repeaters
  • 7 independent serial outputs RS 422 & NMEA 0183
  • 2 independent 6 steps / o heading outputs (0.5 A)
  • Complies with IMO regulations A.424 (IX), A.574 (14), A.821(19) - HSC (High-Speed Craft) and ISO 8728
  • Outputs to Voyage Data Printer:
    • Heading
    • Heading source gyro / magnetic
    • Rudder angles of two independent rudders
  • Insensitive to horizontal acceleration
  • The combined effect of the twin rotors and the liquid damping system prevent latitude error
  • High MTBF (mean time between failures) and low power consumption
  • All repeater compasses with serial interface
  • Automatic emergency power changeover and status alarm
  • Gyro system remains north stabilized during power interruptions of up to 3 minutes
  • Single point suspension of the gyrosphere container eliminates the well-known adverse effects associated with gimbals
  • Monitoring and alarm functions for all voltages, gyroscope current and follow-up system

For operating in extremely heavy seas where highly accurate heading information is absolutely essential, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod. 7 gyrocompass, equipped with a special gyrosphere container, is recommended. Here, the unique centering pin retaining arrangement for the gyrosphere is mounted in an additional gimbal system, which allows the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mo 7 gyrocompass an almost unlimited freedom of roll an pitch (+- 90).

NAVIGAT X MK 1 has been type approved by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).

Optional features

  • Automatic dynamic north speed error correction
  • Remote control unit Compass Monitor for additional operational convenience
  • Magnetic compass with flux-gate
  • Analogue and digital repeaters
  • Voyage Data Printer
  • Conventional, adaptive and high-speed code autopilots
  • Rudder angle feedback units
  • Electromagnetic speed log
  • Electronic compass with NMEA 0183 interface
  • Inputs an Outputs for all Basic Systems

There are some optional configuration of NAVIGAT X MK 1 Digital Gyrocompass System with Automatic Static and Dynamic North Speed Error Correction. The first is Single Gyrocompass System with TMC Function (fig. 4.9) including magnetic compass with flux gate, Navitwin III compass monitor and switch-over unit. Other configuration (fig. 4.10) includes two gyrocompasses, Navitwin III compass monitor and switch-over unit. In Dual Gyrocompass with TMC Systems (fig. 4.11) an additional isolation amplifier is required.

Multiple Digital Heading Reference Monitor and Transmitting Magnetic Compass System NAVITWIN III (fig. 4.12) has the next displays and keys:

1. Liquid crystal heading display with LED background illumination. Indicates in 4 lines of 9 characters the headings of GYRO 1, GYRO 2 and MAGNETIC compass, and also the preset heading Difference ALARM threshold. The difference in heading is selectable between: GYRO 1 and GYRO 2, or GYRO 1 and MAGNETIC compass, or GYRO 2 and MAGNETIC compass. The alarm threshold range is

from 1 to 35 in increments of 1.

2. Main liquid crystal display with 112 characters in 4 lines and LED background illumination. Provides the user with all necessary operational data and speed, latitude, longitude, roll and pitch angles, and rate of turn about all three axes (x,y,z).

3. Selects GYRO 1 as heading information source (selection only in a manual steering mode).

4. Selects GYRO 2 as heading information source (selection only in a manual steering mode).

5. Selects magnetic compass as heading information source (selection only in a manual steering mode).


6. Function keys. In combination with the main display, the function keys provide the user with a menu controlled, high-level operation dialogue.

7. The cursor keys simplify the selection of menu pages and the editing of operational data.

8. Key pad with 16 logically arranged keys for the input of operational data, selection of menu pages, alarm reset, test functions and illumination control.

The dimensions of front panel are 288 x 96 mm, depth - 65 mm, weight - 0.8 kg Power Requirements 24 VDC.

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