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Ex.3. Point out participial constructions; analyze and classify them. Translate into Russian.


1. I don’t want him made unhappy. 2. Then I went away – left her in the chapel praying. 3. Madame de Grenet had a priest hidden outside the door. 4. She tried to have her patient moved upstairs, where there was running water. 5. Hearing him spoken of by Cordelia as someone she had seen a month ago I was greatly surprised. 6. I heard it said that his dealings were badly looked on by orthodox Conservatives. 7. He had had more copies of his portrait printed than he knew what to do with. 8. Even on this convivial evening I could feel my host emanating little magnetic waves of social uneasiness. 9. I feel the past and the future pressing so hard on either side that there’s no room for the present at all. 10. As I stood on the platform I saw my luggage and Julia’s go past, with Julia’s sour-faced maid strutting beside the porter. 11. I must get the pictures unpacked and see how they’ve travelled. 12. We stood thus embraced, in the open, cheek against cheek, her hair blowing across my eyes. 13. I looked in at my wife, found her sleeping and closed the door. 14. When we got to the place we found it almost deserted. 15. I heard Julia across the table trying to trace the marriage connexions of her Hungarian and Italian cousins. 16. My wife first impressed the impressionable with her chic and my celebrity and, superiority firmly established, changed quickly to a pose of almost flirtatious affability. 17. Lord Flyte found him starving in Tangier. 18. I spoke loudly to make myself heard above the dance music. 19. We crossed together, expecting to find unfolding before us at Dover the history from all parts of Europe. 20. You have to sleep with your feet pointing East because that’s the direction of Heaven. 21. We all began talking at once, so that for a moment Mr Samgrass found himself talking to no one. 22. I am not going to have your painting in the gallery. 23. Everything was left unsaid. It was only dimly and at rare moments that I suspected what was afoot. 24. When we have guests, I see him thinking, “Will they speak of me to my wife?” 25. They watched the grave crowds crossing and recrossing the square. 26. All the catalogue of threats to civilized life rose and haunted me; I even pictured a homicidal maniac mouthing in the shadows. 27. He paused, his duty discharged. 28. People could often be heard talking about virtues of clear air. 29. The Dixons had guests coming at the weekend. 30. Jean was standing still on the exact spot where he had launched his curse, his enormous sides shaken with laughter. 31. If they want to wreck the performance by having the police tramping around the whole time, this is the way to do it. 32. Now, it being a melodrama, there was of course in the third act a murder and burglary scene. 33. Doris was left standing by the signpost at the cross-roads. 34. Mr Hutton, legs outstretched and chair tilted, had pushed the panama back from his forehead. 35. Half a mile on he found his way barred by yet another gate. 36. In theory she didn’t much care; let the dead bury their dead. But here, at the graveside, she found herself actually sobbing. 37. She went to a cupboard across the room and came back with four canvases. “I have to keep them hidden from Henry.”


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